Suspect escapes from handcuffs; shoots out patrol car window, gets killed by police

Posted by RagnarLothbrok 5 years ago in News
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A handcuffed man breaks free, fires a handgun and escapes out of the back of a police car. It's dramatic video that's frightening to any police officer. It happened in the Highland Park suburb of Dallas. On June 4th of last year, Highland Park police took down a man riding a motorcycle they said was reported as stolen. A driver gets video of the officers searching the suspect. He's identified as 32-year-old David Hartman. The dash camera video picks back up with an officer loading Hartman into a police SUV. He pats him down on the right side. He then takes a quick swipe along his left side. Austin Police Association President Wayne Vincent immediately spots the mistake. "The officer was going to look in that direction, but chose not to so he did escalate anything. That could've gotten somebody killed," Vincent said. It nearly did. Hartman slips his handcuffs under his feet, he then reaches into his pants and brings out a small caliber handgun. He slides across the seat, shoots out the window, kicks out the glass and runs. Hartman died from his injuries.

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