Robber Gets KTFO By Store Clerk

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Ann Arbor, MI - Two people have been charged in a robbery of errors that ended with a 49-year-old plier-wielding suspect being knocked out and his 48-year-old girlfriend dropping most of the stolen cash as she fled, Ann Arbor police said. The entire episode was caught on video and the suspects later confessed, police said. Frederick Coble, 49, and his girlfriend, Christina Maria Borcea, 48, were each charged last week with armed robbery and conspiracy to commit armed robbery for trying to knock over the Speedway located at 1300 Maple Road in Ann Arbor May 1. But Coble was the one knocked over when the clerk defended himself, according to police. Investigators said Coble and Borcea came into the gas station around 12:30 a.m. while the clerk was in the store's cooler. When the clerk came back behind the counter, the couple were in the process of snatching packs of cigarettes. The couple said they were going to pay for the cigarettes, but at some point Coble hopped over the counter with a weapon in his hand. At the time, the clerk thought it was a gun or a knife, but it was later revealed to be a pair of pliers, police said. While attempting to defend himself, the clerk flipped Coble, who was knocked unconscious when his head hit the floor, police said. The clerk fled to his car, where he called police. Detectives say Borcea couldn't move Coble or get him to wake up. While he lay unconscious, she is accused of grabbing cash from the register and fleeing. But she dropped most of the money as she ran, police said. Coble woke up before police arrived and walked out. A few days later, officers on patrol arrested Coble riding a bike in Ann Arbor after recognizing him from the security video. Coble asked if he could take the bike back to his girlfriend before he was arrested, police said. Officers came with him and recognized Borcea from the surveillance video. She was also arrested. Police said the couple confessed. They were formally charged May 6 and have a preliminary examination set for Thursday. The two are being held on $250,000 cash bonds. Police were not immediately releasing the gas station security

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