Man on trail fakes heart attack, judge is not buying it

Posted by RagnarLothbrok 2018 years ago in FAIL!
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Keison Wilkins, a 33 year old man on trial for various charges including felonious assault, felon in possession of a weapon and firing a gun into a habitation was sentenced to 42 years in jail. But not without a week of crackpot drama, including the video above where Wilkins faked a heart attack to stall the proceedings. Wilkins, who was previously convicted in the case, won an appeal when a judge threw out the ruling, citing an inadequate defense. The case was retried last month, however this time, Wilkins insisted on representing himself. During the week of hearings, Wilkins various courtroom antics forced the judge to clear the courtroom frequently for safety reasons. On one occasion Wilkins began yelling something about lynchings - but that wasn't the grand daddy stunt that earned Wilkins a spot here on the Weekly Vice. During cross examination of a police officer in the case, Wilkins faked a heart attack, while deputies stood by. The judge kept her cool and proceeded with a hearing that eventually lead to Wilkins' conviction.

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