The incredible story of Julien Landa - Tailor and Artist

Posted by Ezra 2018 years ago in Cool videos
Story Continues Below

Julien Landa is a retired artist who painted realistic paintings for a living. Before he was an artist he and his wife didn’t have a lot of money so Julien began to make his own clothes and made some extra money by working as a photographer. Then he decided to pursue his dream, becoming an artist. After years Julien’s work could be found in different places, one of them being New York. When Julien was in St. Tropez he found a Ralph Lauren shop and there he found clothing that looked exactly like the clothes he used to make for himself. Ever since he has been being his clothes exclusively at Ralph Lauren. Meanwhile Julien has made a name for himself on Instagram where he posts his outfits to be seen by a big audience.

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