Huge sting ray charges at a man on the Gold Coast

Posted by RagnarLothbrok 5 years ago in Nature
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A foolish man has been caught on camera provoking a huge sting ray on the Gold Coast, which launches after him ready to attack. Shocking video shows swimmer deliberately provoking a giant stingray by diving towards it - only for the sea creature to turn on him and give chase A man was swimming with a large stingray on the Gold Coast He dived at the sting ray prompting the sting ray to swim away frightened The sting ray then charged at the man as he was heading back to shore A stingray on the Gold Coast showed it was not to be messed with after an aggressive swimmer charged it. A man was swimming near a large stingray on the beach at Broadwater on the Gold Coast when he decided to dive aggressively toward the sea creature. The frightened stingray swims away from the man, who then turns to walk back to the shore. The stingray then sneaks up behind the man who remains oblivious to it until someone off camera calls out to warn him. The stingray then charged at the man, prompting the man to dive away in fright.

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