Friends of Deaf-Blind Boy Build Mini-Pitch so He Can Experience the World Cup

Posted by moku 4 years ago in Cool videos
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Intervenors are the eyes and ears for people who are both Deaf and blind. This program was developed in partnership with a number of service providers and Deafblind consumer associations. This is the only two-year diploma program of this kind in Canada. The program provides the knowledge and basic skills to work with children and adults who are Deafblind, including individuals who may be medically fragile. Intervenors make it possible for individuals with Deafblindness to access information and to interact within their environment. The program combines theory and practical experience, allowing students to learn the specialized techniques of intervention, including a variety of alternative communication methods. Skills are applied during the three field placements that consist of 28 days per semester in semesters 2, 3 and 4. Further learning is provided by a variety of field excursions and guest speakers currently involved in the field. Information sessions are held twice monthly from October to May. Please see the website for exact dates and locations. It is recommended that applicants take an introductory American Sign Language course prior to starting this program.

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