8 year old girl suspended 24 times for foul body odor

Posted by RagnarLothbrok 5 years ago in FAIL!
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The second-grader, previously suspended 24 days after teachers and students complained her bad smell was distracting and disruptive, had a surprisingly normal end to her school year, according to her mother. After we first reported the little girl's situation, her mom tells us the school system never sent her home again for the remainder of the school year. "The rest of the school year has just been fine," she said. "We are still awaiting the doctors to get together and conclude findings. She has not been sent home anymore...She is all in all a great child that has (had) just a rough year." We're not sure what, if anything changed between April and now, whether it was something at home, school or both. Regardless, according to her mother, the girl has since been able to get the education she was previously missing out on. ---------------- The chairman of the Washington County Board of Education plans to speak up on behalf of the eight year-old girl suspended multiple times for smelling bad.

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