GoPro Falls Off Train In New Zealand

Posted by Babie 2018 years ago in FAIL!
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While catching the Taieri Gorge Train in Dunedin, New Zealand my GoPro Hero3 Black Edition was doing its duty & creating a time-lapse. After a going over a viaduct and through a tunnel we approached a second tunnel on our return back to Dunedin. The GoPro was securely suction cupped (I tried to pull it off before leaving the camera alone to film) to the front of the first carriage. Right before the second tunnel the GoPro lost its grip (maybe because of wind or diesel on the carriage?), bounced past my feet, onto the viewing platform and under the train. I panicked and went to one of the train attendants who radioed through to the second train behind ours. Joe the guard on the train behind us stopped the train walked through the tunnel to pick up the camera! What a legend! Soon after waiting at Dunedin station I was reunited with the camera :)

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