This new US Army vehicle looks like something straight out of Star Wars

Posted by RagnarLothbrok 4 years ago in Cool videos
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The AirMule is a compact, unmanned, single-engine, VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) aircraft. Internal lift rotors enable the AirMule to fly inside obstructed (e.g. mountainous, wooded, urban) terrain where helicopters are unable to operate. The AirMule is innovative due to its internal rotors and significant payload capacity that allows for the evacuation of 2 casualties as well as fast and flexible payload reconfiguration for other missions. It is also ideally suited to special robotic operation, for example via Tele-Presence. AirMule’s internal rotor design and UA's patented Fancraft™ technologies enable AirMule to maneuver with unprecedented precision, safety and stealth in even the most constricted areas. Its minimal footprint is only slightly larger than that of a HUMVEE vehicle. By removing the human operator from the loop on most missions, AirMule can eliminate personnel exposure to operational hazards. A single AirMule is capable of ferrying 500 Kilograms of useful cargo per each 50 Kilometer radius sortie, thereby delivering approximately 6,000 Kilograms over 24 hours. A 10-12 AirMule “Mobile Supply Unit” can deliver supplies, day after day, to sustain 3,000 combatants, while at the same time ferrying back their wounded and casualties. Total available cargo volume is 2,640 liters (93 ft^3); 1,540 liters of which are internal (770 liters in each of the main cabin compartments) and an additional 1,100 liters available in an optional belly mounted compartment. AirMule can hover in place with high precision and operate in harsh weather and winds of up to 50 knots, a significant improvement over existing helicopters. The addition of externally mounted utility equipment can enhance the vehicle’s robotic functionality. AirMule is designed to the most stringent FAA design requirements for Rotorcraft, resulting in an aircraft with very high safety and reliability. AirMule is equipped with a rocket deployed parachute, that will safely lower the complete vehicle and its payload from almost any height in the case of an unlikely malfunction of its engine or lift rotors.

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