Cyclists find a 6 day old baby discarded in a storm drain by the mom, baby survives.

Posted by Ezra 2018 years ago in News
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ydney – two cyclists found a newborn baby, dropped at the height of 9ft, in a storm drain in Australia. The drain was covered with a concrete slab, making it harder for people to hear the baby’s cries. The baby was wrapped in a hospital blanket, and is still alive when they rescued him. It took six men, 3 police officers included, to lift the slab and rescue the dehydrated baby. Temperatures around the area had been over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. A man was cycling along the road with his daughter when they heard a strange noise coming from the drain in New South Wales. Thinking it was a kitten at first, they went down the drain and heard that it was actually a baby screaming. Police believe the boy had been pushed through a small opening to the drain and were concerned he may have suffered internal injuries from the fall. The child is now in Westmead Children’s Hospital in a serious but stable condition. A woman was charged with the attempted murder of the child today. She was refused bail and will appear in court tomorrow.

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