Police open fire at hijacker with nail gun in busy traffic

Posted by Ezra 2018 years ago in Absurd Asia
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At 9:00 on December 6, Xinmou gunmen hijack different vehicles, crazy fled with the vehicle collision occurred on several occasions. Police dispatched three police cars, emergency containment, which forced to stop. Xinmou confrontation with the police, during armed resisting arrest, and came and forcibly snatch the gun, In the case of repeated discourage ineffective, police decisive disposal, shot and wounded his successful uniforms, the whole process does not hurt people. After Xinmou hospital, died. After investigation, the suspect Xinmou 33 years, history of drug use, and there are numerous criminal record: Police seized firearms Xinmou use. This is an old-fashioned gun, using gunpowder and promote emission nail can shoot through the concrete, a huge mass destruction, shaped like a pistol, is now banning the production.

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