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  • WELCOME TO CANADASTAN: Muslim Woman Prays In The Middle Of Brossard Quebec McDonalds 00:21

    WELCOME TO CANADASTAN: Muslim Woman Prays In The Middle Of Brossard Quebec McDonalds

    moku 5522 -6

    In case you were wondering what the leftist government in Canada has welcomed into their nation, take a peek at this! Just your average day at McDonald's where you can clearly see a Muslim woman blocking the exit to a slide as she prays on the floor scaring some of the children.

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  • Horde of African Illegal Street Vendors Brutally Attacked an Italian Camera Crew with Iron Bars and Sticks 02:20

    Horde of African Illegal Street Vendors Brutally Attacked an Italian Camera Crew with Iron Bars and Sticks

    moku 3862 -6

    Watch as this Italian camera crew attempting to do a story about illegal street vendors in the city of Caserta are brutally assaulted by a horde of angry street vendors that appear to be African migrants. Illegal street vending is a daily occurrence that has cost Italian taxpayers millions of dollars a year in unpaid taxes as well as destroyed businesses due to competition.

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  • Gang of four men brazenly steals a motorbike from a busy London street in the middle of the day 00:38

    Gang of four men brazenly steals a motorbike from a busy London street in the middle of the day

    Brazen thieves have been caught stealing motorbikes in broad daylight in a busy London street. Caught by mobile phone cameras, a gang of four men can be seen pulling up next to a row of parked up bikes. One man, on a motorbike, stops his own vehicle and gets off to help two of his accomplices move a red motorbike from the middle of the pack. A crowd appears to be gathering around, but most people seem to fearful of what might happen to be able to do anything. The men are successful in getting the bike away from the pack and one of them jumps on to it before they all speed off on three bikes. In the background, someone appears to ask if the bike being stolen belongs to one of their friends. The incident is believed to have happened in Berkeley Square, central London. Investment banker J Hudson has had two motorbikes stolen from near his East London home in similar styles, and said he was the victim of an attempted bike jacking in Chelsea in October last year. But the 25-year-old does not believe police do enough to help people when they have their vehicles stolen.

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  • Man streams his own police chase on Facebook Live 01:12

    Man streams his own police chase on Facebook Live

    After being served with a narcotics search warrant and later fleeing a traffic stop, a Texas man took off on a 30-minute long police chase, streaming his attempted escape on Facebook Live. "It's not something I've seen in my career here in law enforcement, however, it's the sign of the times," Pasadena Police Officer Jessica Ramirez told Houston's KPRC. "Everyone posts everything on social media nowadays." During his Facebook stream, a smiling Erasmo Hernandez said "I'm gone forever, man." Hernandez is facing charges for felon in possession of a weapon and evading arrest. The stream can be used against him in court.

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  • Chaos ensues as schoolgirls begin savagely fighting in classroom 00:31

    Chaos ensues as schoolgirls begin savagely fighting in classroom

    A pair of schoolgirls started fighting in the middle of a class and their teacher was knocked to the ground after trying to break it up. The classroom descended into chaos after the fight broke out in the middle of a lesson. The teenagers began exchanging blows at the front of the room while their teacher struggled to separate them.They were caught on camera slapping and pulling each other's hair during the savage catfight. Other pupils waded in to try and separate the youngsters during the brawl at a Colombian school. A video shows the moment the scrap broke out at the school in Santiago de Cali, in the western Colombian department of Valle del Cauca.Another pupil films the violence on their mobile phone during the lesson at the secondary school. The teacher can be seen at the front of the room, delivering a presentation using a projector, when the fight starts. Two girls stand up and begin lunging at each other across the desks, before being pushed to the front of the room.The teacher tries to pull them apart but the girls are so focused on hurting each other that she is unable to stop them. She ends up on the floor as well, as the girls begin rolling around and tussling on the ground. Their classmates can be seen rushing to the girls' aid and struggling to separate them. The fight is eventually brought to a halt at the end of the 30-second long video. An investigation was launched into the violent scenes after the video was released online. Local government spokesman Hector Hugo Montoya said: 'When there is this kind of violent conflict in the school, we need to analyse who is responsible to avoid something similar happening.'

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  • Man tackled by train guard after approaching and asking questions 00:12

    Man tackled by train guard after approaching and asking questions

    Footage has emerged of the moment a Perth teenager is tackled to the ground and arrested by transit officers while it was streamed live on Facebook. In the video Kane Pattinson, 19, explains that he is returning to a train station where he alleges he was abused by transit officers for trying to help someone who was in trouble with the guards. Three transit officers are waiting outside the station as Mr Pattinson approaches them to 'see what they have to say' about the altercation. Mr Pattinson points the camera at one of the officers and asks him to rate his performance. Moments later another officer moves in on Mr Pattinson and tells him he is under arrest before tackling him to the ground.The teenager repeatedly tells the officers they they are being live streamed as he is pinned to the ground. 'You're on live video, I haven't done anything wrong,' Mr Pattinson says. 'Someone help me, I've been abused.' In the video description, Mr Pattinson says his dispute with the officers began when he aimed to help a man in trouble with the guards to walk away. While Mr Pattinson insists he didn't do anything wrong, he concedes that he shouted at the officers during the initial confrontation. 'I needed to go back that way anyway so I thought I should record it to make sure I wasn't abused in anyway,' he said. 'Nobody was hurt in the making of this video and don't try this at home.'

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  • Shocking moment a teenager bashes his high school classmate over the head with a baseball bat 01:04

    Shocking moment a teenager bashes his high school classmate over the head with a baseball bat

    Horrifying video has emerged of a teenager bashing a classmate over the head with a baseball bat during a fight near a Missouri high school. The vicious brawl involving a group of boys was recorded on a cell phone outside of Timberland High School on Tuesday. The footage, which shows 25 seconds of the scrap, was then uploaded to social media. School officials said the fight started after two teens argued over a bet, but it's unclear what the bet entailed. A bystander is heard egging the fight on saying,'beat they a**', as one boy grabs another and holds him while a third boy punches him in the face. The boy then body slams the teen, before another teenage boy runs up from behind and hits the teen over the head with the bat. Seconds later, others jumped on the bat-wielding teen and punched him several times in his face. Administrators of the Wentzville School District said in a statement that they are taking the video to the police, according to Fox 2. Parents of students who attend the high school told the station the fight has caused 'tension' between other pupils. In a statement, the school district said the same two students engaged in a fight on school grounds and 'were disciplined accordingly'. 'The video in question appears to be a fight that happened later that evening after school hours and not on school grounds which included those same two individuals with an expanded group of friends. 'We have no indication that this was a racially motivated incident as our investigation revealed the original altercation was the result of an argument over a bet. 'The Wentzville School District is committed to providing a safe learning environment for all students and does not tolerate this type of behavior.'

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  • Mob of unruly teenagers destroy $30K worth of teddy bears and other prizes in carnival rampage 00:11

    Mob of unruly teenagers destroy $30K worth of teddy bears and other prizes in carnival rampage

    A mob of teenagers wreaked havoc when they stormed a California carnival and stole $30,000 worth of stuffed animals and prizes. Cell phone footage captured the rampage at the Butler Carnival in Oakland on Saturday night when out-of-control teenagers were filmed jumping into the prize booths and destroying stuffed animals. Carnival workers were filmed standing helplessly inside their booths as the teenagers stormed in. At least two employees were taken to hospital for injuries sustained in the chaos.'One of our guys got hit with a brick and had to go to the hospital because the guy said you didn't win and they threw a brick at him,' one worker told KRON. One video posted on social media showed a large group of teenagers attacking a young man and knocking him to the ground as someone screamed out asking if he could still breathe. Workers said about $30,000 in merchandise was lost in the rampage. Most of the stolen prizes were later smashed or ripped to shreds with workers finding pieces scattered in the dirt. One carnival goer tweeted: 'I felt like I was in the game grand theft auto had me hopin fences, running from cops, stealing teddy bears.' The company in charge of the carnival, Butler Amusements, has since packed up and vacated the area.'This was a very unfortunate event, but in moving forward, we are going to make sure to have better security and police presence at the next event,' they told KPIX 5. Police are currently reviewing the social media footage as part of their investigation.

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  • Epic punch-up between young men and women in fast food place 03:03

    Epic punch-up between young men and women in fast food place

    A brawl broke out in a burger bar after a high-heeled reveller slapped a man across the face when he taunted her for being a 'Jeremy Kyle reject'. The footage, taken inside a takeaway joint in Huddersfield, shows an angry woman - who is wearing chunky platforms and a has a midriff on show - shouting furiously at a fellow customer, as his friend tries to protect him. But when the man shouts 'you f****** Jeremy Kyle reject', the woman lunges towards him, slapping him around the face and shouting: 'I'm going to f*** you up'. As she continues to shout 'what, what?', the man then asks her 'what, have you lost your benefits?'. She then swings for him again and he returns the punch, causing her to fall out of the camera view. Another female customer - who is wearing knee high boots and a mini skirt - then jumps in, dropping her clutch bag as she tries to punch the man. The pair then end up wrestling on the floor as two more men get involved.Footage shows the five-strong group brawling on the floor, before they get up and go their separate ways. But, seconds later, the drama picks up again as the first woman starts threatening the men again. At the end, the first woman is seen picking up her takeaway from the counter and walking out with it in her hand. The footage - which has been watched more than 220,000 times - was posted on Facebook by Kristian McEvoy and was captioned as 'the funniest thing I've seen in all my life'. The caption adds: '2:15am in Huddersfield for ya.'

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  • Vile video shows an Asian woman being mocked and racially abused by black staff member at Subway in Cheetham Hill 00:42

    Vile video shows an Asian woman being mocked and racially abused by black staff member at Subway in Cheetham Hill

    The King Slayer 8221 -2

    Shocking footage has captured the moment a woman was racially abused and humiliated by a Subway worker.

    Video of the customer being berated by a member of staff at the sandwich chain’s Cheetham Hill store has surfaced on social media.

    A male worker - who was sacked following the incident - is heard remonstrating with the woman, shouting at her and mocking her Asian accent.

    He is heard saying: “I’ve just put you on Snapchat, you dumb b****, get the f*** out.

    “Dumb b****. Get out, man.”

    The first clip, taken at the store on Bury Old Road, is accompanied with the caption ‘work life’.

    Later in the footage, the woman points at three male workers behind the counter, calling them ‘three sensible men’.

    The member of staff filming her then says: “Three sensible men and one dumb b*****.”

    The man continues to goad the customer.

    Later in the video, her shouts at the woman: “Tell me again for the snap.”

    As the woman continues to try to talk to the member of staff, he says: “We don’t understand that s*** round here, yo.

    “Speak f****** English.”

    The worker then puts on an offensive mock Asian accent and says: “Get the f*** out of my shop.”

    The footage has been viewed hundreds of times on social media.

    It is not clear when the incident took place but Subway bosses confirmed on Wednesday (March 15) that the store’s franchisee carried out an investigation and the member of staff has since been sacked.

    A spokeswoman said: “Subway does not condone or tolerate discriminatory behavior of any kind.

    “The Subway franchisee of this store conducted a thorough investigation into this incident and the employee involved has been dismissed.

    “Subway franchisees set high standards for all of their employees - and any breaches of these standards are taken very seriously.”

    The footage has been passed to Greater Manchester Police.

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  • Two Crackheads Fight At A Store & One Grabs A 00:59
  • 23:42

    "Men Menstruate Too" According to a New Children's Coloring Book Featuring "Toni the Tampon "

    moku 1694 -1

    Forget Dr. Seuss. The new Cat in the Hat on the block is “Toni the Tampon,” a character devised by children’s author Cass Clemmer to show kiddies ‘round the nation that men, not just women, can menstruate.

    Line forms on the left, people. “The Adventures of Toni the Tampon” is a coloring book and it’s coming to a market near you.

    I know what you’re thinking: Does Toni wear a cape?

    No, but the little white tampon does bring a message of hope to transgenders everywhere. And apparently, it’s this: God’s design of male and female can indeed be overcome.

    All you need is a good name that could lean either way, boy or girl.

    “I’d rather help just one genderqueer or trans menstruator feel like they were seen than sell a thousand copies only to reinforce the boundaries society draws by gendering periods in the first place,” Clemmer says, Breitbart reported.

    Now I have to be straight with you: I don’t know what a trans menstruator is. Neither does my auto-correct, which keeps — annoyingly — switching the spelling of “menstruator” to various derivatives, trying to stumble upon just what the heck is being typed.

    But such are the limits of those without the mental acumen of the LGBTQ-etc. movement — they’re “Special” with a capital “S,” and the rest of us are just left in the IQ dust. It’s like the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland says: Words can mean whatever.

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  • SNOWFLAKE ALERT! California Elementary School Bans Tag Because Kids Tag Too Hard 02:19

    SNOWFLAKE ALERT! California Elementary School Bans Tag Because Kids Tag Too Hard

    moku 2269 1

    Parents in Folsom unhappy tonight over a new school policy banning the game of tag on the playground. The principal at Gold Ridge Elementary School sent out a message on Friday telling parents about new changes coming to the school.

    “I don’t really like it,” said Gold Ridge fourth grader Mallory Giddens. “I mean I don’t really play tag but I don’t think it’s fair to everyone else that plays tag!”

    It’s an age old game and a childhood tradition played over generations. But Gold Ridge Elementary is now cracking down on students playing tag on the school playground.

    “I don’t personally agree with it,” said Sam Hammer, who has two children attending Gold Ridge. “It’s something we all did as kids and I never seen any harm come from it.”

    School Principal David Frankel sent out a message on Friday saying quote: “Students were instructed that physical contact including tag games, touch football, etc. were not allowed on the yard.”

    “My principal, he doesn’t want us to have tag at school because people, they touch too hard,” Gibbens said. “Sometimes they push people over and my principal doesn’t want anyone getting hurt.”

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  • Moment Kent couple attempt to sell dying puppies to buyers 00:51

    Moment Kent couple attempt to sell dying puppies to buyers

    The King Slayer 1542 -2

    A cruel couple were jailed after being caught in RSPCA sting selling dying puppies to unsuspecting buyers. Anthony and Lucy O'Donnell were caught after 12 people who bought puppies from them contacted the animal charity. Ten of the dogs later died. The couple from Sidcup, south east London, have now been jailed for a number of fraud and animal welfare offences.

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  • Girl Drops Baby To Catch Wedding Bouquet 00:24

    Girl Drops Baby To Catch Wedding Bouquet

    A woman dropped a baby while trying to catch the bouquet at a wedding and it was all caught on video. In the video, the bride launches the bouquet and one of the guests was so excited to catch it that she actually dropped the baby she was holding in her arms. Fortunately the baby was not injured. It turns out the child wasn't even hers and the woman didn't even catch the bouquet.

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  • Woman's Headphones Exploded On Her Mid-Flight! 00:49

    Woman's Headphones Exploded On Her Mid-Flight!

    A woman’s headphones exploded mid-flight while traveling from Beijing to Melbourne. The woman was wearing the headphones when they exploded. "As I went to turn around I felt burning on my face. I just grabbed my face, which caused the headphones to go around my neck. I continued to feel burning so I grabbed them off and threw them on the floor. They were sparking and had small amounts of fire." Flight attendants helped try to put out the fire by pouring a bucket of water on the headphones. The battery and cover were melted and stuck to the floor.

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  • Gang of black man brutally beat a white man in Brooklyn for offering to pay for their meals, end up robbing him as well 00:40

    Gang of black man brutally beat a white man in Brooklyn for offering to pay for their meals, end up robbing him as well

    The King Slayer 13677 -4

    A man who offered to help pay for a meal at a fried chicken shop in Brooklyn was instead brutally beaten by a group of four men before he was robbed. The 37-year-old victim, who was left in critical condition, offered to spot two men when they didn't have enough money to pay for their meal at Texas Chicken and Burgers in New York on March 1. An argument broke out, and four men began punching, kicking, and striking the victim with his own cane before another man entered and emptied his pockets, police said. The victim's act of good will was rebuffed by the two men, before an argument ensued around 7.30pm at 521 Ocean Avenue in Flatbush. The situation soon escalated and the two men started throwing punches and using the 37-year-old's cane to beat him. Two other men entered the restaurant and joined in on the attack, with surveillance footage showing the group of four kicking the victim in the head and body. Other customers at the restaurant looked on, with some trying and failing to step in.After the four attackers fled the restaurant, a fifth man entered and emptied the victim's pockets while he was still lying on the ground. The victim was eventually taken to the hospital, where he was treated for broken bones, cuts and bruises. Police are now searching for the men pictured in the surveillance video.

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  • Viewer warning: shocking video of a man kicking a cat over a fence 00:09

    Viewer warning: shocking video of a man kicking a cat over a fence

    Shocking footage has emerged showing a brazen man kicking a harmless cat over a fence in a sickening attack. The video, filmed on a mobile phone, shows the man teasing the four-legged feline with food in his hand as he positions the cat in front of his feet. Standing on its hind legs, the tiny cat attempts to reach for the treat in front of the man before booting the animal over the fence. A loud thump can be heard moments before the cat disappears into the distance, prompting laughter from his friend, who was filming the incident. It's not clear where the incident took place.The footage was uploaded onto Facebook on Wednesday afternoon - and has since attracted more than 240,000 views. The video has been met with anger, with many describing the attack as 'horrible', 'absolutely disgusting', 'cruel' and 'heartbreaking'. One woman said: 'I'm in absolute shock and fury!! I thought it was going to be a lil trick. This is disgusting! Ashamed we are a part of the human race!! Makes me sick!'

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  • Mass brawl breaks out at French amateur rugby match 01:22

    Mass brawl breaks out at French amateur rugby match

    A French rugby union match descended into chaos after an aggressive challenge sparked a mass brawl that involved all 30 players and even saw some home fans attack the away team. The two teams - Bedarrides and Stade Nicois - compete in Federale 2, the fourth tier of France's rugby pyramid, and were both in the running for promotion going into Sunday's clash. With tensions running high, a Stade Nicois player threw an opponent to the floor with more force than was necessary, sparking a brawl that would go on for several minutes and see every player get involved. As chaos ensued, the main bulk of the brawl fell into the main tier and some fans saw fit to get involved. Stade Nicois head coach David Bolgashvili claims his players were subjected to physical abuse from some of the home support. He told Nice-Matin: 'There was an aggressive tackle by one of our players, but it was fair in the eyes of the referee. The Bedarrides players then started the brawl and we fought like dogs.' On Bedarrides fans getting involved, Bolgashvili addied: 'There is no safety standard that is respected, there is only one handrail that separates the spectators from the field. 'The gate was open, and spectators ran on to the pitch to strike our players.' Somehow, the game was able to continue and Bedarrides went on to seal a 26-20 victory, earning five vital points and increasing their chances of promotion. However, Stade Nicois are hoping to get the result overturned by default after French rugby authorities launched an investigation into the incident.

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  • Chinese woman has a meltdown after failing her driving test 01:01

    Chinese woman has a meltdown after failing her driving test

    Taking your driving test is one of those nerve-wracking experiences that you go through in life. This woman's nerves got the better of her resulting in a massive meltdown after finding out that she had failed to pass following two attempts. Video footage shows the woman in Henan province crying on the floor and begging the examiner to give her a pass. Local media reported that the incident happened in the beginning of March in Shangqiu city, China's Henan province. In the video, the examiner explained to her that there are only two attempts in each driving test as stated by the law. The woman, who has not been identified, replied: 'There was a truck in front of me and I did an emergency brake on my second try.' The examiner told her there are all kinds of vehicles on the road as it is shared between different users. She cried and begged the examiner to hand her a pass. 'How can I face my friends again?' she cried. The examiner told her that he was not going to give her a pass and asked her to call on her family members for help. The video was shared on Chinese social media platform and web users expressed their opinions online. Web user 'ChinaChauHauWen' said: 'Who is gonna give them a chance if you hit someone on the road?' Another user 'Smile-5255' said she passed her test in one go but she hasn't driven at all following the test. One questioned whether she is unable to afford another driving test fee.

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  • Man lets his 8-year-old daughter blackmail drivers in Guangdong Province 00:37

    Man lets his 8-year-old daughter blackmail drivers in Guangdong Province

    Recently in Huizhou city, south China’s Guangdong Province, a couple has been behind several fraud cases by letting an 8-year-old girl getting hit by cars, and then blackmailing the drivers, police say. A vehicle data recorder shows the girl running up to get hit by a car while the couple stands nearby on the road. According to police investigation, the 8-year-old girl is the daughter of the man and his ex-wife. The couple were furious and made a scene at the local police station after the driver called the police. The couple has been under criminal detention, and the girl was sent to a welfare center later on. A local police officer said the suspects choose their fraud victims by looking for people who drive slowly on busy roads and are not familiar with the roads. After this video went viral online, many netizens criticized the couple’s behavior, which may take an enormous psychological toll on the kid.

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  • Morgue Door Slamming On Its Own In Terrifying Video Has Everyone Creeped Out 01:45

    Morgue Door Slamming On Its Own In Terrifying Video Has Everyone Creeped Out

    The poor guy was on duty and found himself in the middle of a horror movie inside a Brazilian morgue that appears to be very, very haunted. It seems the cop and his partner recorded their journey down an eerie hallway to investigate a door that was slamming uncontrollably underneath flickering lights.Bewildered at the unexplainable activity, the cops continue to investigate the hallway for other signs of movement or human interference, but they find nothing. The footage ends as the duo walks out of the hallway, unable justify why the door was repeatedly slamming itself against the wall.

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  • WTF!? Crazy Woman Goes Off On People Recording Her After Crashing Into A Gas Station! 02:00

    WTF!? Crazy Woman Goes Off On People Recording Her After Crashing Into A Gas Station!

    A woman goes off on people who are recording her gas station incident.

    2 weeks
  • Shocking video shows grandpa dragging his grandson down the street 01:06

    Shocking video shows grandpa dragging his grandson down the street

    This is the shocking moment a grandfather hauls his 11-year-old grandson out from a classroom and beats him with a wooden chair in southwestern China's Sichuan. Video footage shows the old man grabbing the young boy's hoodie and forcefully dragging him down through a flight of stairs as other schoolmates watch on. Police were called to the scene where they arrested and detained the 'out of control' pensioner.The incident took place at Mingdexing Primary School, Yingshan city. Primary school principal told that the grandfather came to punish his grandson as his son refused to give him money for medical treatment. He hit the boy with a stool before dragging him down a flight of stairs. The 11-year-old was hauled out from his classroom by his grandfather and dragged for about 400 ft. The principal further explained that the grandfather had long cut off the relationship with the boy's father who works in another city.The young boy was brought up by his grandmother until she fell sick recently. In addition to that, the old man was in need of money for a hernia surgery. Teachers and security guards stopped the grandfather when he attempted to open the school gate. Local policemen arrived on scene shortly afterwards and arrested the grandfather under China's Law on Public Security Administration Punishments. He is facing an administrative detention for five to 10 days.

    2 weeks
  • 13-Foot Massive Python Vomits An Entire Antelope 00:56

    13-Foot Massive Python Vomits An Entire Antelope

    A 13-foot python swallowed an entire antelope and then regurgitated it on a farm in Groblersdal, South Africa. The snake can be seen stretching its mouth extremely wide to accommodate the animal. Once the snake was finished, it was caught and relocated.

    2 weeks
  • Snapchat video surfaces of Houston firefighters hazing rookie 00:51

    Snapchat video surfaces of Houston firefighters hazing rookie

    Five firefighters were fired and one volunteer was suspended after a Snapchat video surfaced showing a fellow member of the Houston fire department being hazed. The video revealed a firefighter at the Westfield Fire Department in Texas was doused with water and covered with mustard, flour, and yogurt while he was strapped down to a backboard. Fire Chief Stephen Whitehead called the hazing 'unacceptable' and 'dangerous' before launching an internal investigation, KPRC reported. The video showed a firefighter restrained and tied to a backboard at the main station on Lauder Road, about 12 miles north of downtown Houston. He was soaked with water from a tanker truck, and covered in mustard, flour, popcorn butter, chocolate, yogurt and ice, KPRC reported. One firefighter can be heard telling the victim, 'Dude, you're crying. You want to quit? Just say it.' Another man could be heard warning the others not to put the video on social media, although it emerged on Snapchat. A five-minute clip was sent to KPRC.

    2 weeks
  • French woman caught on camera defecating in gutter 00:39

    French woman caught on camera defecating in gutter

    This is the 'disgusting' moment a French woman was caught defecating in the street outside a New Zealand business. Nik Black, the owner of APET Racing repair shop in Dunedin, said he discovered something which 'didn't look like it came from an animal' in the gutter on Monday. As he checked CCTV footage from two cameras outside his shop he watched in horror as a woman walked into the frame before squatting in the curb. After completing her business, the woman can be seen pushing the waste into the gutter with a tissue before walking back up the street. She then climbs back into a run-down van where she appears to be staying with her male partner. Mr Black told Daily Mail Australia: 'They shouldn't be doing that in town. It's not the same as being out in the bush. 'It was pretty disgusting to see that sort of thing. There's a petrol station 100 metres up the road that's open 24 hours, so she should have gone there.' Newshub reporters confronted the couple on Monday afternoon, who denied all knowledge of the incident. The pair also told journalists that they had only stopped on the street because their van was broken, before driving away. Mr Black added that they couldn't have gone far, because the vehicle did not appear to be in a good way. It is illegal to camp in Dunedin inside a non-self-contained van, with offenders facing a fine of $200.

    2 weeks
  • 4WD drives on wrong side of road before head-on collision 00:29

    4WD drives on wrong side of road before head-on collision

    A divorced father-of-two has been charged with murder for allegedly crashing his Toyota LandCruiser four-wheel-drive at high speed into another car south of Perth. Shaun Southern, 46, was charged in a bedside hearing at hospital where he is being treated for serious injuries following the February crash near Bunbury, in Western Australia. Dashcam footage captured the dramatic moment his Toyota LandCruiser, driving on the wrong side of the Bussell Highway, crashed into a smaller Toyota RAV4 SUV, killing 61-year-old Busselton mother-of-two Jenni Pratt. The impact left debris scattered all over the road, after his LandCruiser had narrowly avoided other cars. WA Police have confirmed Southern has been charged with one count of murder, one act or omission causing bodily harm or death and reckless driving. Southern is alleged to have driven his dark green four-wheel drive on the wrong side of the Bussell Highway, at Capel south of Bunbury, on Saturday, February 18. The Bunbury man is remaining in custody, following his bedside hearing, and is due to remain in custody until his next appearance at Stirling Gardens Magistrates Court in Perth on March 29.

    2 weeks
  • Crazy moment man front-flips fully clothed into Yarra River 00:09

    Crazy moment man front-flips fully clothed into Yarra River

    Crazy moment a man dives and front-flips fully clothed into the Yarra River in front of hundreds of people

    2 weeks
  • Armed hooligan tries to attack referee during football game in Croatia 01:26

    Armed hooligan tries to attack referee during football game in Croatia

    Saturday's big clash in Croatia between Hajduk Split and Rijeka was interrupted by a masked hooligan intent on attacking the referee with an iron bar. The invader was allowed to chase the referee for a prolonged period without being restrained by stewards or police at the Stadion Poljud. Earlier the game was halted for several minutes in the second half due to fireworks being lit by the home fan.

    2 weeks
  • Fatal shootout at Western Cape Town 00:47

    Fatal shootout at Western Cape Town

    A 21-year-old man has been gunned down in Worcester. The murder, at 11:00 on Sunday, was gang-related, police said. Video of the shooting shows an armed man chasing another man wearing a red top through a block of flats. The shooter fires several times and the victim falls to the ground in front of a flat on the ground floor. Children and adults run from their flats. Some people run to the victim, who is lying in a pool of blood. U2WrePGyM.99

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  • Huge brawled filmed in Doncaster as shocked neighbours watch on 00:53

    Huge brawled filmed in Doncaster as shocked neighbours watch on

    Mobs of thugs battled it out during a mass running brawl in a quiet rural village. More than 30 youths were filmed sprinting towards each other while armed with metal poles and wooden bats as they fought on a residential street in Carcroft, Doncaster. Shocked locals watched on as the furious gangs punched and kicked each other during the chaos, before marching off down the street. It is believed that the violence erupted, just after 3pm yesterday, after tensions between gangs of youths from rival villages bubbled over. One man posted on Facebook that he was injured while trying to protect his wife from the melee. He posted: 'My window and door got broke and I got hit over the back trying to get my missus out the way.' Since the video of the brawl was posted on Facebook it has been viewed over 40,000 times with many villagers condemning the violence. One resident wrote: 'What a joke the lot of them! Carcroft never used to be like this! I think they've all got far too much time on their hands.' While another posted: 'Absolutely pathetic. I'm sure half of the parents of these kids are going to be mortified seeing this... and those that aren't should be ashamed.'

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