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  • Skater Boy Takes Two “KO” Punches Only To Instantly Punk Guy Fighting Him! 00:44

    Skater Boy Takes Two “KO” Punches Only To Instantly Punk Guy Fighting Him!

    The King Slayer 3887 -2

    This guy hits him with what looks like TWO knockout punches and NOPE! HE’S BACK LIKE THE UNDERTAKER!

    1 week
  • Man has been eating branches and leaves for 25 years 00:37

    Man has been eating branches and leaves for 25 years

    Mehmood Butt began eating tree branches and leaves 25 years ago because he was living in poverty and couldn't afford real food. Now, despite having a job, he continues to eat the bizarre diet and claims to never have gotten ill from it.

    1 week
  • 63 year old Woman Attempts to Rappel into Locked Home 00:48

    63 year old Woman Attempts to Rappel into Locked Home

    A 63-year-old woman in south China's city of Liuzhou tried rappelling back into her own apartment when she found herself locked outside without keys, only later to get stuck hanging outside of the building before being rescued by firefighters. The woman, Jia, was taking out her trash Wednesday morning when her apartment door, which she left open, slammed shut by a gust of wind. Finding herself locked outside, Jia borrowed ropes from a nearby construction site and proceeded with a plan to rappel herself back into her fifth-floor apartment from the roof

    1 week
  • Mom Faked Son's Leukemia and Death for GoFundMe Donations 01:03

    Mom Faked Son's Leukemia and Death for GoFundMe Donations

    A woman is accused of faking her son's illness and death in order to cash in on the sympathy of others. Authorities in Carson City, Nevada say 31-year-old Victoria Morrison claimed her 10-year-old son had leukemia and even convinced him he was dying in order to get gifts and money. She allegedly kept him home from school and set up a crowdfunding campaign asking for donations.

    1 week
  • Woman Wearing Pajamas Robs 6 Banks In 90 Minutes! 00:24

    Woman Wearing Pajamas Robs 6 Banks In 90 Minutes!

    A woman believed to be a pajama-wearing robber who hit at least six Salt Lake City area banks in just 90 minutes was taken into custody, according to authorities. Nannette Perkins, 40, was arrested at her home after police said they received a tip about her identity. Officials said Perkins wore pajama bottoms, eyeglasses and a blue bandanna over a ponytail while robbing the banks.

    1 week
  • Moment man is dragged out of a car and beaten with a bat 00:25

    Moment man is dragged out of a car and beaten with a bat

    A group of thugs have been filmed dragging a man out of a car in broad daylight and battering him with a baseball bat in the middle of a busy road. A bystander captured two men dressed in black repeatedly shouting at the victim to 'get out the car' and 'move' during the shocking attack in Bordesley Green, Birmingham. He is dragged into flowing traffic and viciously beaten with the white bat while he cowers, desperately trying to protect his head from their blows. Traffic stops and a member of the public approaches the men and is heard saying 'break it up, break it up.' The incident happened near to South and City College Birmingham, which was closed at the time. A West Midlands Police spokeswoman said: 'Police were called to Cherrywood Road in Bordesley Green just after 12.30pm yesterday following a disorder. 'It is believed a man who was sitting in his car with a friend was dragged out of the vehicle and assaulted. Councillor Shafique Shah said he had received numerous calls from worried residents who had seen the video. Mr Shah said: 'It is a sickening attack. It's concerning that it's happened openly as though the law doesn't exit, but that's not the case. 'As a local councillor, I have full confidence in the police to catch these people. The local residents are very sacred that this could happen to their son or daughter. I'm reassuring them that the police are fully aware of this incident. 'I had a person ring me yesterday saying they had seen the video and they were scared it could happen to anyone.' The video has been shared on social media. Coun Shah added: 'Incidents like this need to be reported straight away and not put on social media.'

    1 week
  • Is NASA hiding ET? Conspiracy theorists spot a transparent ‘alien cylinder’ on a live feed of the ISS 01:11

    Is NASA hiding ET? Conspiracy theorists spot a transparent ‘alien cylinder’ on a live feed of the ISS

    A strange cylindrical UFO has been captured on a live feed taken from the International Space Station, claim conspiracy theorists. The UFO hunters believe it shows that visitors from other worlds have developed cloaking technology. But one expert says space junk or a satellite are more likely explanations than apparently 'unreliable' cloaking devices. The footage appears to show the object suddenly appearing near the space station, before starting to approach it. Part of the cylinder is then seen to disappear, which the UFO spotter who shared the footage believes is evidence of cloaking technology. Speaking on his blog UFO Sightings Daily, astro-biologist Scott C Waring said: 'I noticed a UFO in the distance that was coming closer and closer to the space station. 'The UFO was partially cloaked, which made it look transparent. 'In the deep blackness of spaces, blending into the environment means you will be safer from other alien species that may not be so friendly. 'Bob Lazar said in Area S4 (inside Area 51) that he read documents that said that the USAF knew of 56 space faring species.' The video, shared on YouTube, had attracted over 20,000 views at the time of publication. But UFO expert and author of the UFO Investigations Manual Nigel Watson believes a more simple explanation is likely. He said: 'If alien spacecraft buzzing the ISS use cloaking technology it isn't very reliable if they keep appearing and disappearing. 'You'd think by now they could easily avoid our cameras and other sensing technology! 'This latest video looks like it is either a distant satellite, or a piece of space junk that is relatively close to the camera. 'Rather than cloaking technology it has probably gone out of sight by moving out of the glare of the Sun.'

    1 week
  • Woman screams in agony during exorcism to remove 'evil spirit' 01:30

    Woman screams in agony during exorcism to remove 'evil spirit'

    This is the chilling moment a screaming woman 'possessed' by the spirit previous home owner was pinned down while witch doctors performed an exorcism. The mother-of-two was said to be acting bizarrely and friends called in local ghost hunters last month to her one-storey house in Phetchburi, Thailand. Seven men pegged her down while one used a sledgehammer to smash a 'spirit house' - small structures traditionally kept in the front yard for the ghosts of previous residents to live in. Superstitious Buddhist believe the ornaments appease the spirits who don't feel put out by the new residents. But on this occasion, ghost doctors believe the spirits turned on the woman because they wanted their house back. They possessed her soul and tried to drive her to insanity while scaring her by making bumps and noises at the property, according to ghost doctors. As men held her down the woman screams: 'What did I do wrong to you? Why did you have to do this to me? 'I have lived here for a long time. Why did you come like this to me? Where else can I live? Where?' Spiritual healers arrived and performed several rituals involving string, flowers and reciting prayers ordering the evil spirits to leave - after which the woman calmed down. Ghost hunter Mor Plah, who helped to perform the exorcism in the the chilling footage, said: 'The woman was having serious problems with spirit activity from the ghosts of people who lived before at her home. 'They were making her crazy and were causing problems in the home. They wanted to drive her out. 'We smashed the spirit house and made them leave. We destroyed them and she is comfortable again now.'

    1 week
  • Shocking moment group breaks into Thorpe Park to climb Stealth 00:40

    Shocking moment group breaks into Thorpe Park to climb Stealth

    This is the shocking moment when a group of young men break into Thorpe Park to scale roller coasters such as Stealth and Colossus.

    1 week
  • Most Haunted: Chilling moment ghost appears in eerie corridor 02:37

    Most Haunted: Chilling moment ghost appears in eerie corridor

    The King Slayer 2638 -2

    Paranormal investigators on the TV show Most Haunted claim to have captured a ghost on film for the first time in the programme's history. Described by host Yvette Fielding as the show's most 'ground-breaking' footage to date, the chilling clip shows what appears to be a male figure walking through a doorway and down a dark corridor at Wentworth House, in South Yorkshire. The crew was investigating reports of a ghostly presence inside the stable block at the 17th century mansion, following dozens of unexplained sightings, and 'gobsmacked' Fielding says what they found left her 'sobbing'. Moments before the sighting, a member of the crew is heard saying: 'If you're here, walk up this corridor,' after hearing footsteps. What appears to be a white figure is then seen walking through the doorway the camera is facing. Crew member Stuart can then be seen running after the figure and into another room, before it vanishes. Fielding told MailOnline it was the most 'ground-breaking' footage the show had ever recorded. 'In the 17 years we've been doing Most Haunted we've always wanted to capture a ghost on camera,' she said. 'We've caught so many different kinds of phenomena: objects moving on their own, voices. But this is the first time that we've caught a man walking - in what appears to be slow motion up some stairs.' Although she didn't see the figure from the same angle as caught on camera, she claims to have seen it from a different direction. 'I was walking towards the stairs from a different direction and along with another crew member I saw the dark shape of a man walking up the stairs. 'When I saw the footage at the end I knew we had caught something. But I wasn't sure we had got it on camera. It was only when we edited it that I saw it and I burst into tears. 'I was so gobsmacked - I was properly sobbing.' Karl, who helped film the episode, told MailOnline he and Stuart went into the corridor after hearing footsteps while in an adjacent room. 'We were looking down the corridor and discussing where we heard the footsteps when literally out of the blue we saw a figure in the distance walking up the stairs. 'Stuart ran straight after it but we couldn't find anything in any of the rooms.' When they told Yvette about the sighting, she claimed to have seen what she thought was Stuart walking up the stairs. 'I said: "You couldn't have seen Stuart walking up the stairs, you'd have seen us run up the stairs,"' said Karl. 'She said: "I did see Stuart because I said are you OK and he ignored me." But I told her she couldn't have because he was with me at that time. 'That was what made it special for me because you always try to get two independent people to see the same thing from different angles.' He added: 'We've never seen anything like this before and we really don't have an explanation for what we saw but the replay of the filming, clearly shows the vision in detail. It's a weird, weird place.' Wentworth Woodhouse was built in 1630 by the first Earl of Stafford. Back in the day it would have been a hive of activity as a community in its own right, with hundreds of people living there. It is now derelict and in recent years part of it was converted into squash courts. Yvette said: 'People have claimed to have witnessed many paranormal occurrences from dark shadows to slamming doors. Along these corridors, the most prevalent spectre is that of a large man who once seen disappears into the night and it's a mystery. 'It's a figure that's been seen in and around the building. Lots of people have seen him, a large figure of a man endlessly walking the corridors. No wonder we grabbed the opportunity to return to this formidable estate. I want to know why he's here and why so many people have seen him.' Other apparent paranormal activity detected during the investigation included noises, doors slamming, objects being thrown and chairs unexpectedly appearing. Most Haunted - Wentworth Woodhouse Stable Block transmits tonight at 10pm on Really.

    1 week
  • Couple stripped naked and beaten as punishment for secret marriage 00:15

    Couple stripped naked and beaten as punishment for secret marriage

    This shocking video shows a young couple in India being stripped naked and physically assaulted by 18 villagers after they married in secret.

    The humiliating incident happened in Shambhupura village in the Banswara District in south Rajasthan.

    They were targeted after they married without their family's consent.

    Kachru, 21, and Monica, 19, had been in a secret relationship for two years before they finally got married and fled to Gujarat.

    But when Monica's parents found out they tracked down the young couple and forced them to return to the village.

    There, they were reported to the village head.

    Shambhupura is a predominantly tribal village with most people there belonging to the Bhil community.

    The girl's family had allegedly already sold her for Rs 75,000 (£905) and were paid Rs 5,000 (£60) in advance for her to marry another man in a neighboring village.

    After being sent back, the village head ordered them to be stripped and paraded naked.

    In the humiliating clip, one man is seen grabbing the young girl aggressively sat naked on the ground.

    Officer Ravinder Kumar Singh, the station house officer at Kalinjra Police Station, confirmed the girl's parents were forcing her to marry someone else.

    He said: 'When Monica told her parents about her relationship she was being forced by her parents to marry another boy. The couple tried to flee to Gujarat to escape the wrath of their families. But their relatives caught them and brought them back to the village after which this incident happened.'

    He added: 'We're investigating the case and 18 people have been arrested so far. And they include family members of the couple, members of the panchayat and other villagers. We are also searching for the person who made the video and posted it online.'

    The 18 people arrested have had cases registered against them under sections 307 (Attempt to murder), and 120 (B) (criminal conspiracy) of the Indian Penal Code.

    Officer Singh said Kachru sustained severe injuries in the attack and was taken to hospital for treatment.

    Police have provided Monica with police protection and she is currently being kept in a safe house.

    1 week
  • Shocking moment school teacher caught brutally slapping pupil 00:17

    Shocking moment school teacher caught brutally slapping pupil

    Disturbing video footage shows the moment a high-school's Deputy Principal brutally slaps a pupil for 'not doing his homework.' The footage was recorded in Lanzhou, China on April 19 and was posted online. In the footage, students can be seen stood at the front of class as the teacher continually shouts. In the video posted to Youku, four students can be seen standing in front of the blackboard at the front of the class. He begins to shout at them about their homework. He tells the students that they were spending their family's money on clothes and other things. The deputy-principal says that their homework from the beginning of school to now is the same. The man becomes furious, suddenly grabbing one of the students by his ears. He then slaps the same student across the head twice. The other students try and avoid confrontation by standing there silently as he continues his tirade.

    1 week
  • Old Muslim explains how to relieve your filled testicles during Ramadan….and it involves CHILDREN 01:02

    Old Muslim explains how to relieve your filled testicles during Ramadan….and it involves CHILDREN

    moku 45574 -26

    Yet another example of pedophilia in the Islamic community is revealed as this Muslim brags about ways to relieve your sexual frustrations. Needless to say, it involves children!

    1 week
  • FEMINIST SILENT as Shocking Footage of a Mother and Daughter being Beaten By FIA At Islamabad Airport 02:46

    FEMINIST SILENT as Shocking Footage of a Mother and Daughter being Beaten By FIA At Islamabad Airport

    The King Slayer 4652 -4

    The issue began with a scuffle between two Norwegian female passengers and an FIA lady constable at the Benazir International Airport Islamabad on April 15, over absence of tissue papers in the restrooms during immigration clearance.The incident garnered social media attention after a video, showing a FIA female constable berating the same women, surfaced. Due to the beating, the passengers, identified as Haseen Begum, Fauzia Umer and Fatima Umer, also missed their flight to Frankfurt.The FIA had at first issued a statement claiming that the passengers misbehaved with FIA official, Noshila Bibi, at the immigration counter.However, the fresh Close Circuit Television (CCTV) camera video shows the female passengers messing up with the FIA lady constable, before being tortured by another female personnel.

    1 week
  • Woman loses it on an airplane, rants and drops F bombs, blames Trump, gets her ass kicked off by security 07:58

    Woman loses it on an airplane, rants and drops F bombs, blames Trump, gets her ass kicked off by security

    The King Slayer 10081 1

    The moment a woman launched an expletive-laden tirade at a flight attendant in Texas has been captured on camera.

    Footage of the bizarre incident was posted on YouTube on Wednesday night and appears to show the frustrated flier on a flight in San Antonio.

    The woman, who is not identified in the clip, is first seen seemingly addressing the flight crew from her seat near the back of the aircraft.

    So I guess y'all not going nowhere, still. I was just bulls***ing about them… I was going to be nice,' the woman is heard saying, as she stands up and storms up the aisle.

    'But f*** all this, f*** all this s***.' She is then seen appearing to confront a flight attendant stood at the front of the plane, as horrified passengers watch on and record the incident.

    The unidentified woman is then seen gesturing wildly as she speaks to what looks like a captain and an attendant, before walking back to her seat. 'They're trying to say I'm disturbing her, that I'm disturbing the people on the plane, b**** that's crazy,' she said.

    'You might want to get your mother***ing pilot and all your f***ing crew ready because ain't nobody going nowhere. 'Trying to get me off this mother***er and it's going to go down.'

    The woman then turns to a passenger sat behind her and says, 'so I guess she's going to get somebody,' seemingly in reference to a flight attendant.

    'That b**** ain't going to handle me.'

    She then threatens to attack anyone who tries to take her off the plane, while referencing Dr David Dao – the man who was hauled off a United plane last week.

    'That dude, that's a doctor, I ain't no doctor, I'm gonna beat you're a**,' she is heard saying.

    'I ain't drank nothing today. Find a reason to put me off this plane. They better find a real one because I'm already p***ed. 'This is Trump's fault. Blame it on Trump.'

    She is then seen sitting back down in her seat, before continuing to hurl insults at the attendant. About a minute later, a man who identified himself as a San Antonio Airport police officer makes his way onto the aircraft and walks up to the woman's seat.

    'They called me for a disturbance,' he is heard saying to the woman. 'There has not been a disturbance, that attendant totally lied on me, ask all of these people,' the woman said, pointing around at other passengers.

    The cop continued: 'Listen, causing a disturbance, the captain wants you… the captain said he doesn't want you on his plane and you need to get off.' When the woman tries to plead her innocence, the cop is heard saying: 'Listen, that is an issue for you and the airline, but at this moment the captain wants you off the plane.' The woman then complains to a second officer, saying she is 'five or six hours late to a job', before the second cop replies: 'that's a customer service issue to take up with the airline.'

    After a back-and-forth continued for about another minute, the first cop says: 'you are getting off the plane, ma'am.' But at that exact moment, a message was broadcast over the intercom asking all passengers to get off the aircraft.

    The video then cuts off as people were getting their bags and belongings together to disembark.

    It is not clear what airline the flight was with, or where it was headed. The video has been viewed more than 5,000 times since it was posted. It appears as though it was a delta flight, based off the seating on the plane and in-flight magazines visible in seat pockets.

    1 week
  • Disgusting footage shows cockroaches thriving in PlayStation 4 00:36

    Disgusting footage shows cockroaches thriving in PlayStation 4

    Some console repair shops can now add 'pest exterminators' to their service list. They've been encountering cockroaches in PlayStation 4's, which they say create an ideal environment for the pests. The cockroaches crawl into the console through its large vents, and when their bodies rubs against a high voltage component inside, it zaps them - breaking the console. Cockroaches are attracted to the PlayStation 4's (PS4) because of its dark, warm interior environment. Steve Porter, the owner of TronicsFix, an electronics repair store near Portland, Oregon, told the that he encounters cockroach infested PS4's on an almost daily basis. He estimates that about 40 per cent of the repairs he does contain cockroaches. While there aren't many cockroaches in Oregon, TronicsFix accepts repairs from across the US, and some regions have more cockroaches than others.

    2 weeks
  • CCTV footage shows parents staging baby's death on London bus 02:35

    CCTV footage shows parents staging baby's death on London bus

    The King Slayer 1676 -2

    This is the shocking moment that a father gave his partner the thumbs up as she walked onto a bus before staging their daughter's death to cover up the horrific abuse she had suffered at home. Jurors today found the Jeffrey Wiltshire, 52, give Rosalin Baker, 25, guilty of causing the child's death after seeing CCTV showing him give her a kiss and an encouraging thumbs up before getting on the bus. Baker has 16-week-old Imani strapped to her front in a sling and there is a cloth over her face, which she later admitted in court was to cover up the fact that she was already dead. Footage from the bus shows her playing on her phone for around 20 minutes without even looking at her daughter, then suddenly calling to other passengers for help as if she had just fallen ill. But the drug addict parents' plan unravelled when she was rushed to hospital and doctors found she had a fractured skull and serious head injuries, along with more than 40 other fractures. During their Old Bailey trial, Baker blamed her abusive and controlling boyfriend and claimed he had tried to 'frame' her by forcing her on to the bus with their dead child in a sling. But former rapper Wiltshire, who claimed to have fathered 25 children, insisted: 'I'm not a life taker, I'm a baby maker.' The jury deliberated for 14-and-a-half hours before clearing them of murder but finding them guilty of causing or allowing the death of their daughter, who was on the child protection register. Adjourning sentencing until May 18, Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC said: 'Imani's life must have been painful, distressing and bewildering, and the failure at the very least to protect her is a serious matter indeed that must result in a custodial sentence.' In the week of her death, Imani was attacked three times and suffered 40 rib fractures, a broken wrist and terrible head injuries, jurors were told. Prosecutor Duncan Atkinson QC said Imani was in 'very significant pain and distress', which would have been obvious to any parent. Wiltshire and Baker, who lived on benefits, attempted to hide what happened at home by making it appear she had suddenly been taken ill on the number 25 bus, jurors were told.

    2 weeks
  • INSANE brawl breaks out at Alcorn State University dining hall 01:29

    INSANE brawl breaks out at Alcorn State University dining hall

    Eleven Alcorn State University football players have been arrested after authorities say a fight broke out on the school's Mississippi campus. News outlets reports Claiborne County Sheriff Frank Davis says charges have been filed against each of the players by other students, and more arrests are likely to be made Thursday. Davis says the charges against the players are all misdemeanors and range from malicious mischief to simple assault. According to reports, the eleven players arrested are sophomore defensive backs Lei'shaun Ealey, Deago Sama and Quintin Smith, freshman defensive backs Taurence Wilson and Javen Morrison, junior defensive backs Daniel Franklin and Jalen Thomas, sophomore linebackers Terry Whittington and Trae Ferrell, freshman defensive lineman Kwanzi Jackson and junior defensive end Michael Brooks. The fight started April 10 in the school's cafeteria and then spilled out into the parking lot. The event was captured on several cellphone cameras and widely circulated last week on both YouTube and Twitter. It's not clear if any of the accused has an attorney. 'Maintaining a safe and secure campus community is the institution's top priority,' Alcorn State said in a statement. 'Campus police investigate all instances of student misconduct thoroughly and appropriate disciplinary actions are implemented in accordance with Alcorn's student code of conduct.'

    2 weeks
  • Truck drags driver trapped in car down California highway 01:41

    Truck drags driver trapped in car down California highway

    A man traveling along a California freeway captured the shocking moment a car that was wedged onto the back of a big rig was dragged miles down the road. Brian Steimke was driving down I-15 freeway on Wednesday afternoon when he witnessed the burgundy Nissan Maxima stuck under the truck. As Steimke gets closer to the car, he notices the driver waving his hand out of the window in an attempt to get the truck driver's attention. 'He's not stopping,' the driver of the car shouted to Steimke. The video, which was uploaded to Facebook, showed major damage to the passenger side of the car. The windshield was also destroyed and the airbags had deployed as smoke spewed from the car while it was being dragged down the freeway. As Steimke drives up and pulls over, another car could be seen braking in front of the truck, forcing him to stop. Steimke then gets out of his vehicle and walks up to the truck driver. 'Why were you driving so far?' Steimke asked the man, who hasn't been identified. The truck driver asked, 'so far?' not seeming to realize he was dragging the car for several miles. Steimke explained to the man that the guy was wedged on the back of his truck, to which the truck driver responded: 'I didn't know.' 'What do you mean you didn't know it dude?' a surprised Steimke asked. 'He's on your truck!' Steimke told the trucker that he needed to get out of the big rig before walking to check on the driver of the Nissan. The badly damaged vehicle was propped against the rear tire of the truck. It's unclear how the car managed to get wedged under the big rig and the driver of the Nissan hasn't been identified.

    2 weeks
  • Surveillance video of a passenger shoving a pilot at KCI Airport 01:29

    Surveillance video of a passenger shoving a pilot at KCI Airport

    A man has been charged with assaulting an off-duty pilot as they walked off a plane in Kansas City. Edward Foster, 49, had just landed at Kansas City International Airport on April 12 when he took offense with an unnamed pilot - who had not been flying the American Airlines plane and was simply traveling in the cabin. The 49-year-old is seen in surveillance video walking off the jetway directly behind the pilot, before they both head into the terminal. Then, about 60 feet from the gate, Foster is seen trying to make his way around in front of the off-duty pilot. KSHB reports the Kansas City man was attempting to take a picture of the pilot's badge. That's when the incident takes a violent turn. The pilot is seen waving his left arm towards Foster, seemingly in an attempt to shoo him away, however in doing so he knocked the 49-year-old's cellphone from his hand. Surveillance footage shows Foster grabbing the pilot's left arm, dragging him to the side and almost sending him tumbling to the ground. The pilot then recovers his footing, but Foster is seen striding towards him and delivering a two-handed shove to his shoulders and chest. The pilot then stumbled backwards, before he got his luggage and headed out of the terminal. Foster was seen giving chase, but police say the pilot was able to meet his wife in a car waiting for him outside and drive away. A police report about the incident states Foster was furious at the pilot for allegedly being inconsiderate and 'taking up too much room' in the aisle of the plane. The report also states the pilot suffered cuts to his legs and bruises on his arms. The flight was from Dallas to Kansas City. Foster is charged with assault and is due in court on May 16.

    2 weeks
  • Group of black men violently beats up a teen at Coney Island on Easter 00:18

    Group of black men violently beats up a teen at Coney Island on Easter

    A horrifying video shows a large group of teenagers savagely attacking a boy on Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York, on Sunday. The video was posted at 9.47pm Eastern on Easter, several hours after the attack near Luna Amusement Park is believed to have taken place, according to the New York Post. Sources said the boy on the ground in the video suffered a collapsed lung. 'Today in Coney,' the social media user who originally posted the video captioned it, with three emojis depicting tears, according to the New York Daily News. The 19-second clip starts with the person holding the camera running over to the scene where the attack is taking place, along with others. Several people can be seen kicking at the individual, who was laying down on the ground and had his arms up to protect his face. One person jumps up and lands hard on the boy's head before another immediately comes up and kicks him in the head, as well. Another grabs at the victim's leg and pulls on it before the victim kicks free of his grasp. The camera changes angles just in time to show a tall individual jump up in the air, then come down to stomp on the torso of the boy on the ground. Two more people kick the individual hard in the head before the clip stops. The video is believed to have been taken outside the Luna Park amusement area on Surf Avenue near West 10th Street. The cause of the fight is unknown at this time, but the police are investigating the incident as gang-related. The police were able to identify several people in the video of the attack. Arrests are reportedly imminent. The video was originally posted to Facebook but was removed from the platform on Wednesday. 'We remove graphic images and videos when they are shared to celebrate or glorify violence,' a Facebook spokesperson told the Post. In what may or may not have been an unrelated occurrence, Luna Park closed three hours early at 9pm Eastern on Sunday due to false reports of gunshots in the area that caused panicked people to charge in the area. Reports of gunshots were determined to be false by the NYPD 60th Precinct, who tweeted as much at 9.18pm.

    2 weeks
  • Shocking moment 'bully' stamps on boy's head in Warwickshire 00:13

    Shocking moment 'bully' stamps on boy's head in Warwickshire

    A mother whose son was punched and kicked by a bully has urged people to watch the 'disgusting' attack, which was filmed on a mobile phone. The woman said she wanted the 56-second clip in the public domain to help raise awareness of the levels of bullying going on in Britain. In the footage, shot near the boy's home in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, the bully shouts at the victim: 'Get down here', swears at him and asks him 'Are you f****** mad?' The boy, wearing a hoodie and a backpack, is clearly terrified as the chubby attacker lands several punches, knocking him to the ground and then stamping on his head. The victim's mother told the Coventry Evening Telegraph: 'It is disgusting, my son wouldn't hurt a fly, yet why would someone do this to anyone. 'I was sent it via friends and family, but it is unacceptable. You can see in the video he didn't retaliate, or come back at him.' She said: 'My son has been bullied and threatened in the past, but never been physically attacked.' The boy managed to shield himself with his backpack and fortunately did not suffer serious injury. 'It could have been a lot worse,' said his mother. She said: 'To the children who are bullied, I think it's important to know that the bully is the one in the wrong. 'It's never acceptable to treat people like they're less than you or unworthy just because you're not the same. They are somebody else's world and they're loved by many people for who they are whether you like them or not.'

    2 weeks
  • Terrifying moment teens found in zombie state after smoking drugs 00:44

    Terrifying moment teens found in zombie state after smoking drugs

    Shocking video has emerged of three men lying unconscious and frothing from the mouth at a children's playground after allegedly smoking 'zombie drugs'. Taken by a passerby walking through a housing commission estate in Auckland, New Zealand, the footage shows the men in a seemingly comatosed state. Spread out over a bench and footpath, one of the men lies on the ground with a fist clenched and froth coming from his mouth, while children's voices can be heard in the background. Posted to social media on Wednesday, the video comes months after fears were first raised of the prevalence of 'zombie drugs' such as Flakka in Australia, following a rise in drug-related overdoses on the Gold Coast. Believed to have smoked a synthetic drug, the footage shows the men unresponsive to attempts by the passerby to wake them. 'Get up, you're frothing, bro,' the man says, before rolling the comatosed man on the footpath onto his side. Eventually the man wakes, but is barely able to respond to the Good Samaritan, who has been praised by many of the almost 100,000 to watch the video.'Zombie drugs' first rose to prominence in the United States, before police warned it had spread to Australia by late 2016. Flakka, the most well known of synthetic drugs, was widely believed to have been to blame for a spate of overdoses on the Gold Coast last October. Up to 16 people were rushed to hospital following what authorities dubbed one of the worst 'mass overdose sprees' in Australian history. It was later revealed the overdoses were likely the result of a bad batch of a drug called 'N-bomb' and MDMA. Recently a 'zombie drug' called Spice has been sweeping through New Zealand, with a man sharing video of his sister and her friend's reaction to the synthetic substance. Shocking footage showing the pair in zombie-like states was viewed by more than 1 million people online

    2 weeks
  • Man tells police he already owes $21,000 in fines after being pulled over 00:39

    Man tells police he already owes $21,000 in fines after being pulled over

    A 20-year-old father-of-two who racked up more than 50 penalty notices for a range of driving misdemeanors and owed more than $21,000 in fines has gone viral. Video of the man being pulled over by police on an episode of Channel Seven show 'Highway Patrol' and admitting to a history of offences has become a hit online over recent days. Footage from an episode of the long-running TV show begins as 'Thomas' is pulled over by a patrol car in Melbourne, Victoria, when police officers noticed his vehicle was unregistered. Among the offences Thomas admitted to were: driving without a licence, driving an unregistered vehicle and not wearing a seatbelt while driving. Despite his long list of offences, officers were left impressed by Thomas' willingness to admit to his wrongdoing. However social media users weren't so forgiving, slamming him for not learning his lesson. 'Let's face it, he's doing the wrong thing and keeps doing the wrong thing,' one user wrote. 'Lock the Idiot in jail and make him pay for the $21,000 he owes,' another said. Since being posted online on Tuesday the video has been viewed close to 20,000 times.

    2 weeks
  • Shocking footage of fight between two teenage girls in Queensland 00:39

    Shocking footage of fight between two teenage girls in Queensland

    Shocking video of two teenage girls brawling outside a shopping centre south of Brisbane has gone viral. Police are investigating the fight in Springfield after footage was posted to Facebook on Tuesday. The video, which shows one girl being dragged to the ground by her hair, was viewed more than one million times overnight. The muted footage begins with a girl in a large red sweater throwing a right-handed punch that connects with the other girl's head. A man can be seen attempting to split the pair of brawlers, before the girl in a black tank top and jeans walks past him and into a barrage of attacks. The teenager in the red sweater then grasps at the other girl's hair as the man helplessly continues to try and separate them. She then tightens her grip on the girl's hair with two hands and viciously pulls her to the ground. The fight appears to be over until she returns to throw one more punch while the girl in the black tank top sits on the ground. Ngahuia Hoffman posted the footage to Facebook, saying her daughter was one of the alleged victims. Police have confirmed they are aware of the footage and are investigating, according to The Queensland Times.

    2 weeks
  • Activist's camera is snatched and smashed after he films cars 01:30

    Activist's camera is snatched and smashed after he films cars

    An activist who campaigns to make the streets safer captured the shocking moment a thief snatched his camera before smashing it against a wall to destroy it. Richard Taylor was making a film about cars being allowed to park in new cycle lanes when a man grabbed his camera and ran off with it. He chased the thief into an alleyway in Cambridge and shouted 'Oi come back' and 'stop' repeatedly as the incident unfolded in broad daylight. The unidentified man was then seen smashing the camera against a wall as Mr Taylor asks him, 'What are you doing?' He can then be heard on the footage saying: 'Now you've destroyed it can I have it back?' The man then casually dumps it on the floor and walks off without a word, leaving the camera and its tripod laying on the path. Writing on his website, Mr Taylor said he reported the matter to police after finding his equipment damaged beyond repair. He said he suspected the act, which took place on Tuesday evening, was 'motivated politically' by opponents to his reporting local issues across the city. He wrote: 'The person who took the camera made as if to start coming towards me but, perhaps on seeing I was recording what was happening on my phone, walked off. 'I am now left without my usual equipment which I put significant personal investment into, and have been using for many years to report, and lobby, on a range of matters including seeking to tackle violent crime, improve our local health services, help people find appropriate places to live and make it safer and easier to get around the city. 'Engaging with how we run our society is often challenging but this is the first time I've faced behaviour like this.' A spokesman for Cambridgeshire Police said the matter was being investigated.

    2 weeks
  • OAPs fist fight outside before one helps the other look for his glasses 01:03

    OAPs fist fight outside before one helps the other look for his glasses

    This is the funny moment two OAPs settled an old score with a fist fight outside a care home - before one helps the other look for his glasses. Onlookers said the pair crossed paths with one accusing the other of "ignoring him for months". The argument got heated - with the pair both setting down the carrier bags - before they squared up to each other with the fists clenched on a nearby green. A video taken by a baffled passerby, shows the pair with their arms raised, throwing and landing punches outside the Hawthorn Court care home in Hebburn, Tyne and Wear. The man in the black jacket can be seen pointing and ranting, before his opponent punches him. But after a few fists fly, they both stop to find a pair of specs belonging to the man in red - apparently knocked off by the first punch. Despite seconds before being in a fight with him, the man in the black jacket shouts "don't stand on nothing" while they both hunt for his glasses.

    2 weeks
  • 11 British Policemen Get Chased Around By A Single Bat-Wielding MIGRANT 00:50

    11 British Policemen Get Chased Around By A Single Bat-Wielding MIGRANT

    The King Slayer 4067 -1

    If an outsider was wondering why it seems the hordes of migrants flooding Europe seem to do as they please, the laws be damned, they would have to look no further than this video.

    A trend that seems to have spread throughout Europe can be seen here as a single, African migrant, holding a deadly weapon, frightens a small army of British police.

    Apparently, police in Europe have been instructed to not harm a single migrant, even if it means putting their own lives in danger.

    Try this move in the US pal, see how that works for you.

    2 weeks
  • A Couple Having Loud Sex Interrupts Tennis Match In Florida! 03:12

    A Couple Having Loud Sex Interrupts Tennis Match In Florida!

    At 3-2 in the 2nd set of Tiafoe vs Krueger a couple smashing disrupted the match. The woman's moans can be heard at the 15 sec mark and later at the 1:50 mark.

    2 weeks
  • Trouble in paradise: Couple delay flight by fighting on runway 00:26

    Trouble in paradise: Couple delay flight by fighting on runway

    For most people, the idea of getting away from it all and boarding a plane is absolute bliss. However for this couple in China, the idea of getting on a flight together was a bit too much, leading to a fight on the tarmac during boarding on April 18, reports Huanqiu, an affiliation with the People's Daily Online. The altercation at Kunming Changsui International Airport led to the China Eastern flight being delayed for around half an hour. Flight MU5843 bound for Chengdu Shangliu International Airport was boarding when two of the passengers started arguing on the tarmac. The argument then turned physical with the pair pushing each other before the man threw the woman to the ground. Staff tried to intervene however they could not break up the fight. The airport's police were called leading to the flight to be delayed for half an hour. The pair were denied access to the flight by the captain and were detained by police. According to reports, the couple are going through a messy divorce and began arguing during boarding. Flight MU5843 eventually took off at 11.28.

    2 weeks
  • Shocking footage of Brit with hands and legs bound in Thailand 02:28

    Shocking footage of Brit with hands and legs bound in Thailand

    A British tourist pleaded with furious locals to 'put me down' when they tied him up after he ran across their homes in his underwear. The 'delirious' unidentified man was spotted scuttling across the roofs of houses in Pattaya, Thailand, on Tuesday night. The man, who had blood streaming from cuts on his face and arms, sent corrugated iron roof tiles crashing to the floor as he shouted incoherently. Outraged villagers eventually caught him and strung him up using rope to tie his hands and feet together. Police arrived shortly after as the man pleaded in a London accent with locals to 'put me down' and 'get off me'. But officers poured water over his head 'to try and calm him down' before he was arrested and carried into a police truck and taken to Banglamung district station. The bizarre scenes as the man tried to wriggle free while confused locals laughed at him were filmed by a Thai news reporter. Villagers said they believed the Brit was drunk and they could smell alcohol on him when he rampaged past their houses at 11.30pm. Onlooker Nat Charaporn said: 'Why are the foreigners so crazy? We see them a lot, doing the strangest things. I want to know, are they like this in their own country? 'Nobody knows who this man was or what he was doing here. He doesn't live here. He was drunk and we could smell alcohol on him. 'He was ranting and not in the correct state of mind. The police put water on him to make him relax but he was still shouting.' The man had not been identified this morning after police took him into custody to wait for him to calm down. Police Colonel Apichai Grobpet said they were looking into whether the man had got lost after partying at the popular party strip 'Walking Street' some 15 minutes away by taxi. He added: 'We haven't identified the man yet. He had no passport or details on him and he was not giving us any details about himself. 'He was causing a disturbance but the villagers in the local community came together to catch him and keep him under control.'

    2 weeks
  • Shocking moment man repeatedly punches his dog in beer garden 02:26

    Shocking moment man repeatedly punches his dog in beer garden

    A Staffordshire bull terrier owner has been caught on CCTV footage aiming 40 punches and kicks at his pet before pouring a pint of beer over it. The ginger-haired man lashes out at the poor Staffie before dragging it to the corner of the pub garden where they are sat, forcing it to sit under a bench as another drinker comes outside. He then returns to the dog numerous times as it walks around, punching it and kicking it repeatedly. The horrifying footage also shows the sad dog, which has been muzzled, sitting on the bench next to the second man, in a beige coat, when the ginger-haired owner comes rushing out. He chases the dog away from the bench and even ends up pouring some of his pint on the poor animal. The attack happened at the Royal Oak in Lewes, East Sussex, and landlady Trudy Funnell revealed she chucked the man out after he was brought to her attention. She said: 'One of my staff came up to me and said there was an issue with a man and his dog in the garden. 'I watched him through the window and saw him hit the dog and I had to go over and ask him to leave. 'It was only afterwards, when I watched the whole incident on the CCTV, that I realised it went on for 15 minutes. 'We saw him punch the dog 36 times, kick it four times, choke it twice with the lead and he poured a pint of beer over it. 'What you can't really see in the video is that the dog is muzzled as well. So it can't even defend itself against him. 'I felt so guilty when I realised I let the poor dog leave with that man. 'The police have come and taken the CCTV, but the RSPCA needed a name and address before they could do anything.' Sussex Police appealed for anyone with information or who recognises the man in the CCTV footage to get in touch with them. A spokeswoman for the police said: 'We are investigating after receiving a report of man hitting a dog at the Royal Oak pub in Lewes. 'The man was reported to have also kicked and punched the dog and poured beer over it on Thursday (13 April) at about 6pm. He was asked to leave by pub staff. 'The RSPCA have been informed. The man is described as white, aged in his late 20s or early 30s, 5' 2', slim with blonde or ginger coloured hair and was wearing dark tracksuit bottoms.' A spokeswoman for the RSPCA said: 'The police are aware of this incident and are leading the investigation. 'We will support them in whatever way is necessary and are keen to see the dog and inspect it to make sure it is alright.'

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