Heavy Clashes Reinflamed Between Novorossian Rebels And Ukrainian Army At Donetsk Airport

Posted by Babie 2018 years ago in War
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Heavy clashes between Novorossian rebels and the Ukrainian army reinflamed at Donetsk airport this week. The footage was released by the two independent journalists Graham Phillips and Patrick Lancaster who are actually embedded with Novorossian rebels in eastern Ukraine. Heavy fighting was reported to have taken place all over the area and heavy firefights could be heard. The Airport is actually controlled by Novorossian rebels who captured it from the Ukrainian army earlier this year. The footage shows heavy weapons such as tanks beeing used by Novorossian troops to defend the airport. The failed Minsk ceasefire agreement banned these heavy weapons and ordered their withdrew but also Ukrainian artillery fire onto Novorossian rebels positions can bee seen in the video so it is clear that booth sides didnt follow the agreement anymore and are to blame for the newly enflamed fighting.

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