APD detective running down suspect with truck

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After wrangling with the city of Albuquerque and its beleaguered police department for four months, KRQE News 13 has obtained videos that show an officer driving his unmarked truck onto a curb and running down an unarmed man who was fleeing on foot along a sidewalk. n their most recent attempt to garner the national police state spotlight, video was released showing the APD’s downright insane tactics. In the latest incident, the suspect wasn’t killed, but it was not for lack of effort on behalf of Albuquerque’s finest. Danan Gabaldon did not like the thought of jail, so he became particularly well-skilled at evading the police. On Memorial Day of this year, police attempted to apprehend Gabaldon, but he was able to flee, in what police say was a stolen SUV. For ten days, Gabaldon successfully evaded the authorities until they tracked him to an intersection in southwest Albuquerque. Upon, immobilizing Gabaldon’s vehicle, police immediately tried to kill him as they fired multiple shots at the unarmed suspect. However, being the escape artist that he is, Gabaldon managed to run from the scene without being hurt — but not for long. Two disturbing videos were released this week showing what happened next. As Gabaldon ran, an APD detective hopped into his unmarked pickup truck, closed the distance to Gabaldon in six seconds, cranked the wheel to the right, drove up onto the curb – and plowed into Gabaldon. The detective’s body camera and a citizen’s cellphone captured the attempted murder from two different angles. As if running a man down with a truck wasn’t enough, the detective gets out of the vehicle, gets on top of Gabaldon and begins to taser the back of his head. As he tasers the bloody and incapacitated Gabaldon, the detective begins pummelling his face and head with the butt of the weapon. The officer is so deep into his feeding frenzy that he had no idea he was also tasering a fellow cop. It took four months for the APD to release the videos below, and when you hear their justification for the detectives actions, you’ll know why. According to KMOV: APD’s spokeswoman said it was an accident, that detective was not trying to run Gabaldon down, but to cut him off. Gabaldon was resisting and that the department’s use-of-force policy speaks for itself

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