Radical leftists alongside black lives matter attempt to bust through a secret service checkpoint at a Trump rally

Posted by moku 2018 years ago in News
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Anti-Donald Trump protesters tore down Secret Service security checkpoints in an effort to storm the doors of the Infinity Event Center while Trump was speaking, only to be repelled by police, CNN reported. CNN posted the report by Boris Sanchez to Twitter. Sanchez said there was an unconfirmed claim that one of the protesters got inside. Hundreds of Donald Trump supporters and protesters faced off outside the Infinity Event Center in Salt Lake City, Utah Friday night. Sanchez reported the anti-Trump protesters were chanting, “Shut it down! Shut it down!”

Before the attempt to storm Trump’s speech, Sanchez had reported the interaction between the pro-Trump and anti-Trump crowds had “remained civil.” NBC’s Jacob Rascon posted videos to Twitter of “intense” clashes between police and the anti-Trump protesters. Rascon reported a few minutes ago that police in “full riot gear” had arrived on the scene. “Couple dozen officers in full riot gear arrive, protester crowd boos loudly.”

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