Secret German police footage of the mass raping in Cologne by Muslim migrants has been released to the public

Posted by moku 3 years ago in War
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Located in Cologne Silvesternacht prevailed around the cathedral chaos. Now a video has been released showing how dangerous was the evacuation of the station forecourt for officials. The audible snatches of conversation are shocking.

Hundreds assaults, pyrotechnics and brawls: New Year’s Eve was chaos around the Cologne Cathedral. How dangerous was the situation for pedestrians and policemen now revealed a previously secret police video, published by the WDR magazine “Westpol”.

Then it can be seen clear as some 80 riot police from 23:40 the forecourt of the Cologne Central Station. The police are clearly visible in the minority. Police locks are broken.

Clearly audible calls a woman: “Do not touch me”. Officials seem powerless.

A policeman asks: “What has the squad leader said?” A colleague answers: “That we, the two people can not hold …”

Already in early January were allegations been raised, the police was not enough with operatives on the ground. Meanwhile, the authorities have to answer to a committee of inquiry.

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