"You honky mother f*cker," "F*ck white people" screams Muslim man at an elderly white woman for crossing the street to slow

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The man is seen shouting at a woman who walked in front of his Mercedes at a Zebra crossing as she approached the supermarket, according to witnesses.But the alleged shocking road rage incident, which happened in a Tesco car park in Coventry, takes a dark turn quickly when the man starts to scream racial abuse at the woman, yelling: “You white mother******.”

The elderly woman is given some relief from onlookers who step in to put the man back in his car – but not before she appears to yell back “go and crash your car”.

THIS is the shocking moment a driver unleashes his road rage in a furious tirade allegedly aimed at an elderly women in a busy car park.

Meanwhile Brian Kavanagh, who caught the tense exchange on camera, said some people were left hiding behind parked cars as the man erupted with rage.

Mr Kavanagh said: “It was because an older lady was trying to cross the crossing. I was with my 14-year-old son getting a computer game.

He hurled abuse at the older woman as she walked into the shop

Nearby members of the public ushered the man into his car

“It’s scared my son, Luke, and he wanted to go home. My son asked me why that man was threatening to kill an old lady.“It’s not what you would expect, especially when Coventry is such a multicultural city.“What you don’t see in the video is the children and young mothers running away from it and grown men hiding behind cars.”The incident happened at roughly 2pm on Sunday – but West Midlands Police said they had no record of the event when contacted.

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