'Don't exploit Orlando' German Libtard loses his mind, claims Muslims 'tolerate gays' after the worst terror attack on gays in US History

Posted by moku 3 years ago in FAIL!
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Once again liberals display what a pleasure they are to debate with. When the speaker mentions the 50 homosexuals massacred by Omar Mir Seddique Mateen in Orlando in the name of Islam, a bystander throws a tantrum like in kindergarden. Instead of trying to make any argument whatsoever, he throws insults and threatens to physically attack the speaker. Why? Because in his protected bubble, Islam secretly loves gays and the Right only exploits Muslim massacres for political power. "Please, Muslims, stop killing Christians and homosexuals! The RIGHT will use this to gain power!"

Michael Stürzenberger is a political activist and Islam researcher that focuses on educating the public about the reality of Islam as state media is censored and barely allows any negative view of Muslims. In this particular demonstration he wanted to prevent a taxpayer-funded Islamic Center in Munich, similar to the one where the radical Islamic killer's Imam preached about killing gays.

As you can see from the reaction and opinions from the audience: This information is needed dearly.

Both Muslims and Germans in the audience deny that gays are persecuted in Muslim countries. One Muslim girl demands proof and pictures that they are hanged for their sexuality. They seem to be completely oblivious about the executions of homosexuals that are commonplace in every Muslim country.

A so-called "college student" who claims that her study subject includes Islam claims that accusations of homophobia against Iran and the Islamic state are baseless. Another bystander claims homosexuality is practiced daily and is tolerated in Muslim countries.

This is just a tiny insight in the completely warped image people have about Islam. If you're from overseas, you may understand why the German people barely retaliates when their country is flooded with millions of illegal Muslim immigrants.

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