'Too many people who don't know nothing about it are talking about it" MSNBC Surrogate suggests she knows more than the FBI Director regarding Clinton's email scandal

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MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki grilled former State Department under secretary of state Ellen Tauscher on Hillary Clinton’s email practices during her time as secretary of state.

Kornacki asked Tauscher, who held her senior position during Clinton’s tenure at the State Department, if Clinton needs to respond to FBI Director James Comey’s statement Tuesday on the agency’s investigation into her private email server. Comey said that Clinton and her senior aides were “extremely careless” handling classified information but should not be prosecuted for their conduct.

Clinton has made two public appearances since Comey’s announcement but has avoided answering any questions on the FBI’s recommendation to not press charges.

Tauscher said the State Department put out a statement on the matter and had done its own investigation into Clinton’s emails.

“The State Department’s already come out today and said that what Director Comey said is incorrect. Two of the emails that actually said that they were classified were incorrect,” Tauscher said.

Kornacki challenged Taushcher and described how the FBI said that there were 110 emails containing classified information that should not have been sent or received on a nonsecure server.

“I think too many people that don’t know enough about this are talking about it,” Tauscher said.

Kornacki shot back at Tauscher, asking if she thought the FBI director does not know enough about the email investigation to discuss it. Tauscher defended her comments by saying that she was giving her point of view.

“I had classified emails coming to me all the time,” Tauscher said.

Kornacki noted that Clinton was receiving classified emails that were not on a classified system rather than through a government system.

Tauscher then blamed Republicans for not being able to accept facts for answers.

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