The government told this woman she's on ISIS hit list and she needs to 'arm up'

Posted by moku 3 years ago in War
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 A Granite City woman who is reportedly on an ISIS hit-list said an FBI agent came to her home and told her to “arm up” because she is a potential target.

A Special Agent with the FBI on Wednesday came to April Agers’ front door, knocked and delivered the startling news. Agers is on an ISIS hit-list.

The agent told Agers she's been on the list since 2002 and 14 years later, this is the first time she knew she was a target. The agent said there’s a possible threat against her.

“I do fear for my children and I do fear for myself,” Agers told News 4. “It’s serious. To me you come to my home and you tell me my life in danger.”

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