British father and his 2 sons brutally attacked in Ibiza by Senegali immigrants, one son stabbed

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A British family was brutally attacked and robbed while on holiday in Ibiza - before a mass brawl erupted in the streets.

The men were in the busy West End district of San Antonio, having only just arrived on the island, when they were confronted by thugs wielding knives and broken glass bottles.

They viciously tore a gold ring and chain from one of their victims before running off with their haul.

Dramatic video has emerged showing violent scenes unfolding in front of shocked tourists. It is understood that fighting broke out after the robbery.

At one point a chair is used as a weapon while another man can be seen lashing out with an implement in his hand. Another attacker launches a flying kick at his victim.

Three members of the family, all men, were injured and needed medical treatment. They were the 52-year-old British father and two sons, aged 25.

It is understood at least one of them was stabbed in the neck and another was hit in the head and on his back with the broken bottles.

The attack happened in the early hours of this morning, at about 2am, near the Hotel Orvay in Formentera street and was witnessed by several other shocked tourists.

One of them took the video of the incident which was later delivered to the local police. This helped them identify the men involved and two arrests have been made.

A picture of the horrendous assault shows a man in a red jumper holding a chair aloft.

Both suspects are of Senegalese nationality, aged 37 and 42. They are being held for offences of robbery with violence, intimidation and stabbing with a knife.

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