"We Don't Serve Bigots" blue haired Zeitgeist bartender has a Trump supporter thrown out for wearing a "Make America Great Again " T-shirt

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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A blue haired San Francisco bartender at Zeitgeist had the audacity to label a Trump supporter a bigot after seeing him wearing a make America great again shirt.

"Are you serious?" The snippy barmaid asked the Trump supporter.

He replied "yes."

In which she replied "were not going to serve you, you need to leave!"

Another bartender did offer to get the gentleman drinks, however the blue haired bartender chastised them "we do not serve bigots here."

When the gentleman asked the blue haired bartender her positions on why she was so offended, her response was simply that the manner bigots and they need to leave and there was nothing to discuss.

It was then several men came out forcing the gentleman and his friends out of the bar and up the street.

Welcome to modern America, where bigots have the audacity to label other people bigots for simply not espousing the same political ideology as they have.

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