Mother Receives 93 Days in Jail along with Her Boyfriend for Laughing at a Victims Family during Court, Judge Calls them Clowns

Posted by moku 2018 years ago in News
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The mother of a drunk driver who was being sentenced for killing a man was jailed after she laughed and mocked the victim's family during an impact statement.

Amanda Kosal, 25, was waiting to hear how long she would spend in prison for killing father-of-five Jerome Zirker when her supporters made the shocking outburst.

Judge Qiana Lillard threw Donna Kosal and another man out of her courtroom and called them 'clowns' after Zirker's sister took the stand and read a statement on behalf of his children.

Video from inside the Detroit courtroom shows the judge losing patience with a man, and then the woman, after she caught them smirking. She is then seen ordering officers to bring the mom back in, so she could sentence her to 93 days behind bars for contempt of court.

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