Great white shark devours a helpless seal in one bite right in front of screaming tourists

Posted by The King Slayer 2 years ago in Animals
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This is the fearsome moment a great white shark devours a fleeing seal whole metres away from a fishing boat filming the encounter. Cage-divers filming beneath the water captured the moments before as the seal twisted and turned in the water inches away from the enormous predator. Seemingly attracted to the bait on a pole the shark soon realised something far larger was on the menu as the playful seal swam alongside it. Footage from above the water shows the seal suddenly flailing desperately though the water as the shark lunges towards it, in Gansbaai about two hours away from Cape Town. Shadows across the surface show the underwater struggle taking place interrupted by sudden leaps through the air as the prey comes up for air. But eventually the seal falls prey to the apex predator as a final twist through the water is intercepted by enormous jaws. The helpless seal is almost swallowed whole as the power of the shark's thrust sends it towards the fishing boat. Thankfully, a 10-year-old boy in Australia had a far luckier brush with a great white. Eden Hasson was catching the last of the light while surfing at Samurai Beach in New South Wales when he got the fright of his life. The young surfer said he didn't realise the dark shape he saw in the sea was a great white shark as he enjoyed the last of the day's waves. His father, lifetime surfer Chris Hasson, was standing on the rocks taking photographs of his son when he saw a dark shadow in the water.

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