Man Falls To His Death on Facebook Live While Trying To Escape From Police

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A New York man plunged to his death after tying bed sheets together and climbing out of an 11th-story window in an attempt to get away from police on Tuesday.

Jamel Chandler, of Brooklyn, broadcast on Facebook Live just minutes before he took plunged from an apartment in the Fort Greene neighborhood of the borough at around 6pm.

As police knocked the door of the apartment unit, Chandler, 21, tied together several sheets as a way to repel down the building.

But the sheets couldn't hold his weight and he fell to his death after they gave way around the seventh floor, police said.

Chandler, who police said was wanted as a suspect in a robbery of a delivery car, was taken to Brooklyn hospital, where he died of his injuries shortly thereafter.

In a six-minute video filmed shortly before the incident, Chandler said: 'Cops is at my door. They looking for me right now. They about to arrest me... I'm about to get arrested, they're about to lock me up. Tune in, tune in, tune in.'

Later in the video, which has since been taken down from Facebook, he said he wanted to jump out of the window.

'I'm about to go to jail... and I ain't been home a whole month,' he said. 'I'm about to jump out the window. I'm on the 11th floor. I'm about to jump, bro, jump. If you want to jump, let me know. They right there bro.'

Police were not in the apartment when Chandler climbed out of the window, officials said.

When officials learned of the live Facebook video, two officers stayed outside the apartment door while a sergeant and two others ran outside to watch the incident unfold, sources told New York Daily News.

Neighbors said that Chad just finished a prison term and was staying on a friend's couch in the 11th-floor apartment.

He had served time in prison after biting a man in the face after a scam in Astor Place in which he asked the man to sign a fake petition and before stealing his wallet.

When the victim noticed his wallet was gone, he confronted Chandler, a fight ensued, and Chandler bit him in the face.

He was arrested weeks later after pulling a similar scam at nine other coffee shops.

Chandler, who has a four-year-old daughter, was 18 at the time and had 29 prior arrests.

He served a four-year prison sentence for the crime and after being released weeks ago, he was looking for a job.

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