MEDIAS NEW LIE! Claims President Trump Is Going to Be Responsible for Violence against the Lying Liberal Media

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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The Atlantic’s Editor In Chief, Jeffrey Goldberg, on Wednesday said that he suspects that someone who listens to President Trump will see journalists as enemies of the state and carry out a violent attack against them. He said Trump would be responsible for such an attack.

Yahoo News’ Global Anchor Katie Couric asked Goldberg what his reaction is to Trump’s continued accusations against reporters of being “fake news.”

“Well, part of my reaction is that we’re are all engaged in a reality TV show. That this is a reality TV version of a war between the president and the press,” Goldberg said.

“The problem is, and this is what I worry about more than anything else, is that there are people in the country who don’t understand that this a cynical reality TV game,” Goldberg concluded. “And are going to hear over and over again from the president that the reporters, journalists are enemies of the state…and someone is going to do something violent against journalists in a large way, and then I know where the fault lies.

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