The Ginger Jihadist! Muslim Gets into a 7 min Shootout with Baltimore Police on a City Bus

Posted by moku 2 years ago in War
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Just-released footage shows how the shooting went down on June 7th. Video captures everything from the first shots fired to the deadly take down, and the rush to help an injured officer.

Bullets were flying, and as bystanders ran for cover, one of them took cell phone video. Feet away, police were on the front lines, using all their fire power to take down 35-year-old Blaine Erb, who was a wanted man. Officers say he held up two people in a store parking lot before boarding a city bus to flee the crime scene.

Surveillance video shows passengers scrambling to get out of the line of fire as Erb brandished a weapon in each hand, sparking a 7-minute shoot out. When the gunfire ended, Erb was dead on the side of the road. A Baltimore County Police officer was bleeding in the street. Both the officer and another woman hit in the crossfire are still recovering.

“Honestly, I was shocked,” says Baltimore County State’s Attorney Scott Shellenberger. “I have, in all my years, never seen an individual shooting out of two guns, at the same time, at police in different directions.”

Wednesday afternoon, Shellenberger told WJZ that the video shows the shooting of Erb was justified, and he has enough evidence to close this case.

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