Nude italian SJW tries to prove that all immigrants are good, goes as you expect it would

Posted by moku 1 year ago in News
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This week a refugee gang raped two women, and another refugee raped a 81 years old woman on the street. Some parties said there was too much media attention on this because they were refugees, so she had this brilliant idea to confirm this hypothesis.

This girl from Napoli was walking naked in a refugee area to record a social experiment and prove , I am quoting her for non-italian speaker, that "All refugees are good". This video started to be shared quickly among people.

In the video an Italian guy suggests her to stop doing it, go back home, because it is really dangerous and he also screams to a couple of refugee touching her to leave her alone. Of course she is packed of refugees harassing her for all the 45 seconds of video. At some point she seems scared and she tries to turn them on her side saying "Come on, I know you are all good, aren't you?"

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