Black "Victim' in Charlottesville 'White Supremacy' attack Raised over $100,000, BUT, HE ACTUALLY STARTED THE FIGHT!

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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Here’s an incredible story about Charlottesville that illustrates just how outrageously biased the fake news has become:

1.) A black guy named Dre Harris has committed fraud by raising over $166,000 on GoFundMe after claiming he was “beaten by white supremacists” in Charlottesville, VA.

2.) The SPLC, Shaun King and CNN have been telling the world about the victimhood of poor innocent Dre Harris and driving this fake news narrative while we were returning home.

3.) Dre Harris wasn’t a victim though. He was attacked because he was part of a small group of black guys who stalked and followed our people back to the parking garage where they were returning to their cars after the #UniteTheRight rally was ordered to disperse by the police. He viciously attacked one of our friends in the parking garage with a mag lite and busted his head wide open with blood spewing everywhere, knocking our guy unconscious with a deadly weapon:

4.) This is what caused Dre Harris to get “attacked by white supremacists” in Charlottesville:

Rally supporter bashed in head by Antifa

— Jeff Giesea (@jeffgiesea) August 12, 2017

5.) Finally, here is the video which proves Dre Harris and several other black guys followed our people back to the parking garage with weapons before they attacked us.

As the old saying goes, a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes. It is amazing anyone still believes Shaun King and the FAKE NEWS after all the lies they told about Ferguson. They have shown over and over again they are willing to massage the truth to fit their anti-White agenda. These people aren’t journalists- They're propagandists and this is FRAUD.

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