Muslim migrant teen SAVAGELY attacks his teacher with a machete for Defending a Jewish Student

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In an interview for the L’Express newspaper, retired principal, Bernard Ravet (right) recalled one case in which he as the principal of a public school asked a counterpart from a private Jewish school in Marseille to accept an Israeli boy whose mother wanted to enroll him at Ravet’s school.

INN Ravet said he “knew the boy would get beaten to pulp” as soon as the other students realize he is an Israeli Jew.

Ravet first realized his school was not unsuitable for Jews when a radio journalist, Edouard Zambeaux, asked some his students during interviews whether there were any Jews studying in their institution. “If there are, then they have to hide it,” one student said, sending “a chill down my back,” Ravet recalled.

Davindenkoff told JTA Thursday that he considers it a “failure” for the public education system when one of its principals feels they need to refer Jews to private schools for their own safety or well being.

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