DESPERATION! MSNBC Libtard's Now Want to Export California Liberals across the Country in Order to Win Elections

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MSNBC’s Katy Tur: Why Don’t Democrats Just Get People to Move From California to Wisconsin and Michigan?

MSNBC’s Katy Tur wondered Monday why Democrats do not simply get people to move from California to rust belt states like Michigan and Wisconsin to solve their electoral woes.

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in 2016 against Donald Trump, but Trump of course won the presidency by a convincing margin in the Electoral College. Clinton won California alone by roughly 4.3 million votes, while Trump won the other 49 states by roughly 1.5 million.

Key to Trump’s victory was narrowly winning Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, all states that Barack Obama won twice.

While discussing the party’s demographic problems, Tur pondered why Democrats do not ask people to simply move to those midwestern states from the liberal bastion of California.

“Why would the Democratic Party not just recruit people from California to move to Michigan and to Wisconsin?” Tur asked, adding it seemed like a “simplistic answer.”

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