WALL OF DEATH: Indian Stuntwoman Nearly Loses Her Life While Dangling Upside down

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A horrific accident caught on camera shows one of the cars performing stunts inside the 'Well of Death' smashing a stuntwoman who can be seen dangling upside down after falling out of the car.

In a freak accident, a 20-year-old woman was left with multiple fractures in her face, chest and back. The incident happened at a Navratri fair organised in Maharashtra's Kalyan early Monday morning.

The entire episode was captured on camera.

The woman, identified as Shivani Gajbhiye, was part of the team that was performing stunts in the 'Well of Death' or the motordrome.

The Well of Death is a local hit that attract more audiences. Last Sunday, the show was extended past midnight.

As two bikes and two cars pace along the walls of the motordome, the stuntwoman would perform stunts. She was to perform stunts standing on the car's open front door. That fateful night, however, she lost balance and can be seen dangling upside down along the wall of the motordrome with one of her legs stuck.

The team performing stunts included two riders, two drivers and four stunt performers including the victim.

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