Horrific Moment Man Jailed For Speeding Is Brutally Beaten In Police Custody

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in CCTV
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Shocking CCTV footage showing a prisoner being savagely beaten in his cell while prison guards seemingly 'doing nothing to intervene' is being investigated by police. Andrei Braguţa's death has caused uproar in Moldova after it was revealed the 32-year-old had been badly beaten for over an hour by other inmates while being held following an arrest for speeding. According to investigators, the victim received blows to the hands, feet, chest, head and legs as he was set upon by four other inmates on the night of August 15. He had been arrested earlier that day and was being held in the preventative detention centre of the Capital Police after officers found him driving at excessive speeds and endangering the life of other road users. He died on August 29 as a result of respiratory failure caused by pneumonia. According to local news website Publika , three policeman and four inmates have been arrested over the incident, while the actions of a prosecutor and judge involved in the case are also being examined. The victim was to be held for 30 days despite reportedly suffering from chronic schizophrenia. The head of the anti-torture unit in Chisinau, Ion Caracuian, said Mr Braguţa had pleaded for help throughout the ordeal. He told Europa Libera that he may have developed pneumonia after sitting slumped on the floor after the beating.

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