Killer babysitter's chilling lies exposed in shock police bodycam footage shot minutes after she sliced sister's throat

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This is the chilling moment a babysitter tried to cover up killing her own sister in a brutal knife attack - revealed in newly-released police bodycam footage. Care worker Sabah Khan was jailed for life today for murdering her older sister, Saima Khan, by cutting her throat and chopping off her hand in a vicious eight minute attack. Throughout the attack, Saima's children were upstairs - and at one point her seven-year-old daughter shouted down to her aunt: 'Are you killing a mouse?' Khan had attempted to cover up the crime by staging a burglary and then calling her father and 999 saying she was in the shower at the time. But her lies were caught on bodycam footage by Bedfordshire Police who have since released it. During the footage, Khan can be heard explaining: "I rang my dad and he said 'what happened' and he said 'I don't know', then I rang the ambulance and then I rang you. "When I came down I literally saw her there with glass lying around her. "I literally just ran over there, and I took a scarf to cover it because I was going to, you know when you cover the wound and like, stop it from bleeding." At one point an officer asks "what have you done to your hand?" to which she replies: "She had glass so I took the glass out and there was glass everywhere so I was just hugging her to me and then I don't know." The court heard how Khan had been having sex with Salma's husband Hefeez Rehman, with whom she was living in Luton, Bedfordshire. But when Mr Rehman's attentions cooled and he returned to the mother of his four children, Khan became bitterly jealous and plotted for weeks to get her out of the way. She searched the internet for how to get away with murder and paid a "black magic priest" in Pakistan £5,000 to do the deed by "remote control", the Old Bailey heard. The carer bought a large kitchen knife from Tesco and, on May 23 last year, lured her sister home from a family funeral, saying one of her children was crying.

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