UN-FRICKIN-REAL! VAs Democrat Governor Ran an Ad Showing 'Racist Republicans' Mowing Down Minority Children in a Truck

Posted by moku 1 year ago in News
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A new ad depicts supporters for Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie as racist murderers who hunt schoolchildren from a pickup truck.

The ad starts out with two children walking home from school. One is an African-American boy, the other is a girl wearing a hijab. A Latino-looking boy runs down the street. He’s being chased by a Confederate flag-flying pickup truck that bears an Ed Gillepsie bumper sticker and a Gadsden flag-themed license plate cover (“Don’t tread on me”).

The boy catches up to another boy playing basketball, who also appears to be of Hispanic background, and tells him to run. They catch up to the two children shown in the beginning of the ad and the group runs away from the truck that’s bearing down on them. The camera zooms in to the sticker with the Republican candidate’s name. All four children run through an alley and get to a chain-link fence. They’re cornered with nowhere else to run. They look back at the truck terrified as the headlights illuminate their faces.

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