Women tied to tree and brutally beaten as villagers accuse them of being witches

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in WTF
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WARNING: DISTRESSING FOOTAGE. Hundreds of villages watched the barbaric act of mob justice which saw the five defenceless women attacked in a village in Madhupur, north east India

Five women who were accused of being witches have been tied to a tree and flogged in front of their entire village.

In a barbaric act of mob justice the women are believed to have been accused of practising witchcraft, but no details or evidence of their alleged crimes have been produced.

They were made to stand in the middle of the village and a rope was wrapped around all five women as they stood with their backs against a small tree.

Stood in traditional dress, the women's faces are then filmed as they await their fate.

The incident happened in the village Madhupur in north east India, about 100 miles from the Bangladeshi border.

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