PURE HYPOCRISY! MSNBC Host Criticizes Pres. Trump for Going to Davos after ADMITTING She's Went too

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MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle struggled to comprehend reality on her show Wednesday morning, making several baseless, wrong, and hypocritical claims in a period of about 90 seconds.

Ruhle undermined the point of her own rant, criticism of President Trump for attending the World Economic Forum in Switzerland later this month, when she quickly admitted that she has also attended the conference at Davos Resort in the past.

“An ‘America First’ agenda is the opposite of what is welcome at the World Economic Forum,” she said, now posturing herself as a proponent of Trump’s nationalist agenda. The MSNBC host added that the conference “was the exact opposite of the president’s ‘Make America Great Again’ campaign.”

Introducing a panel, Ruhle then remarked to one of her guests that they both had attended Davos in the past.

The MSNBC host also got basic facts about the conference wrong, saying that WEF participants describe themselves as “Davos Men,” citing a critical definition of the term.

“[Attendees of the conference] consider themselves, there’s an actual definition, ‘Davos Men,'” Ruhle said, referencing a epithet invented by political scientist Samuel P. Huntington about globalist elites at the event.

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