Father of the Leftist Florida Student Who Attacked Marco Rubio Has Posted Some HORRIFIC Anti-LGBT Tweets about Sen. Rubio

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Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) was the subject of significant backlash after he defended accepting contributions from National Rifle Association (NRA) during a CNN town hall following the tragic school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School.

Some have publicly wondered whether questions asked at the townhall were planted by CNN and at least one student confirmed those concerns. In one case, the father of a student who asked Rubio a question has a history posting aggressive tweets directed at Rubio.

Rubio, along Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL), participated in a CNN town hall following the tragic shooting, which aimed to facilitate a discussion about gun violence in America.

Cameron Kasky, a student who attends Stoneman Douglas High School, asked Rubio about accepting donations from the NRA.

“The influence of these groups comes not from money. The influence comes from the millions of people that agree with the agenda, the millions of Americans that support the NRA,” Rubio told Kasky in defense of accepting contributions from the NRA.

The crowd jeered Rubio for defending donations from the NRA, and following the CNN town hall, the exchange between Cameron Kasky and Rubio was featured as one of the highlights from the event.

Cameron Kasky’s father, Jeff Kasky, has been tweeting vulgar comments directed at Rubio since 2014, some of whichc question Rubio’s sexuality.

“Has Marco Rubio come out of the closet yet? Does anybody know if it’s been made official?” Jeff Kasky tweeted in December 2014.

Kasky also tweeted a story about “a professional New York-based dominatrix” who was trying to sell “a bombshell story about her alleged raunchy sex romp with Rubio, who she claims is a kinky S&M freak,” in 2016.

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