Footage Reveals Moments Leading Up To Man Punching Woman In Face During Shocking Road Rage Incident

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in WTF
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The moments leading up to a shocking road rage incident during which a man punched a woman in the face have emerged in newly released footage.

A video of Bianca Sams, 22, being assaulted by Clint Pollard, 44, during an incident on the New South Wales Central Coast, Australia, went viral last year.

But now footage has emerged from just before the attack, showing Sams pelting nails at Pollard's car as she hangs out the window of her friend's vehicle and laughs.

According to reports, Pollard warned her "you're going straight to the cops mate".

When the vehicles stopped at red traffic lights, Sams mouthed "come and get me" as she taunted Pollard, according to a witness.

It was then that Pollard punched her on the left side of her jaw.

Sams pleaded guilty in Wyong Local Court to intentionally throwing an object at a vehicle risking safety, having part of her body outside the window and two counts of damaging property, ABC news reports.

Her solicitor said she would pay Pollard $1,358.20 (about £766) in compensation, a court heard.

Pollard pleaded guilty to assault last month and received a three year good behaviour bond and a $900 fine (£508.10).

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