Brazen fox snatches unsuspecting man's wallet then runs away as speedy chase captured on Snapchat

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in Funny
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A brazen fox stole a man's wallet before running away as the owner chased it while filming the amusing incident on Snapchat.

The owner captioned the video with "he stole my f***ing wallet" and "guilty AF" before uploading the footage to social news site Reddit.

In the footage, the cheeky fox is initially seen glaring at the camera tentatively.

But as the man continues to film, the fox creeps up, kneels to the floor where the man had placed his possessions, and grabs his wallet in its mouth.

The fox then appears to gain a lot more confidence as it escapes quickly and runs away with the stolen wallet.

A chase ensues, and footage becomes blurrier as the man chases after the animal to try and get his wallet back.

Luckily, the wallet was found the next morning.

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