"You're Looking for a Way to Impeach the President" CNN Fails MISERABLY At Trying to Get Women Trump Supporters to Turn on Him over the Stormy Daniels Affair Claims

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Watch Women Trump Supporters React to Stormy Daniels Interview: ‘If He Slept With Her, Whatever’

And after hearing what she had to say, this women stayed supportive of the president.

While one woman expressed she felt “sorry for her,” all of them felt she was sharing her story either for “money” or “for attention.” Some don’t even believe Stormy Daniels because she lacked “hard proof.”

“Should we believe the president of the United States or a stripper porn star?” Gina O’Briant elaborated. “I go with the president of the United States.”

They admit that they knew Trump wasn’t a “choir boy” when they elected him, but they’re convinced that the recent revelations of Trump’s numerous alleged affairs is an effort by the media to “define a narrative.”

“You are looking for a way to impeach my president that I worked very hard for,” Dr. Lynnett Bryant said.

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