Libyan Army In Heavy Clashes With ISIS During Battle For Derna

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in War
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Footage from Libya released by the "Libyan" Army shows them in heavy clashes with ISIS during the battle for the Libyan city of Derna.

Derna or Darna is a port city in eastern Libya. It has a population of 100,000 –150,000. It was the seat of one of the wealthiest provinces in the Barbary States, and remains the capital of the Derna District, with a much smaller area. Derna has a unique environment among Libyan cities, as it lies between green mountains, the Mediterranean Sea, and the desert. The city is also home to people of mixed origins.

The city was also the location of the famous Battle of Derna (1805), the first victory achieved by the United States Military on foreign soil. Occurring during the First Barbary War, the battle was fought between a force of roughly 500 US Marines and Mediterranean mercenaries and four or five thousand Barbary troops.

Parts of the city were taken over by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) militants in October 2014. In June 2015 Shura Council of Mujahideen in Derna defeated ISIS and took control over the town.

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