Looters break into Apple store during yellow vest protests

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A French 'Yellow Vest' protester had his hand blown off after reportedly trying to pick up a grenade in Bordeaux while a woman in Paris lost an eye during violent clashes last night.

The device detonated when the man tried to pick it up in order to throw it back, the city's deputy public prosecutor Olivier Etienne confirmed, Sud Ouest reports.

But no further details have been released about the man's identity or his current condition.

The man can be seen running towards the camera holding up the bleeding stump at the end of his right arm in a graphic video, which has since been removed from Facebook.

Another video was later posted by France3 Aquitaine that showed the man on a stretcher being loaded into an ambulance by paramedics.

Meanwhile, a video surfaced on social late Saturday night that showed a woman on the ground and bleeding from her eyes as others tend to her amid the protests in Paris.

It comes as President Emmanuel Macron is to deliver an apologetic address on television and announce further tax cuts following a day of violent protests across the country on Saturday.

Cities including Paris, Marseille and Bordeaux exploded into violence on Saturday, during the fourth weekend of demonstrations in a row by Yellow Vest protesters.

Burned-out cars dotted the streets in several neighbourhoods in Paris on Sunday morning as cleaners swept up the broken glass from smashed shop windows and bus stops.

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