Russian man spends 7yrs of his life to have his mouth altered into a duck bill

Posted by Ezra 4 years ago in WTF
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Zhenya Bolotov has spent the last several years slowly stretched his lower lip to a whopping 58 mm, creating a "duck bill-effect" which has earned him the nickname the "Human Platypus" among some in the media. The 28-year-old Russian body modification fan from Perm achieved the transformation by inserting various plugs and stretchers into eight parts of his face, leading some to name him after the duck-billed semi-aquatic mammal. However Bolotov says that "Platypus" is just a pseudonym, a nickname that he often goes by. Bolotov stretched his earlobes, septum, nostrils, and both his lips in a manner made famous by the lip plates used by the men of some Amazonian tribes. The designer has made most of the lip plates himself, so he can colour-coordinate according to whatever type of event he might be attending. Zhenya has pronounced himself satisfied with the result, saying he likes how his body looks. He is also part of a social networking group dubbed "Human Platypus," with members dedicated to body modification with lip plates.

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