Texas cop nearly loses his life during a traffic stop, when a drive-by on the cop happens

Posted by Ezra 5 years ago in Police videos
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The video begins moments before Garcia was gunned down by the shooter. Authorities said Garcia was shot by Frank Aparicio, who fired multiple shots at Garcia and then fled. The video reveals how it started as a normal traffic stop. A gold car belonging to Horacio Castaneda was pulled over because his headlightswere not turned on. After Garcia returned back to car, four shots were fired at him. Garcia radioed in the message, "Shots fire, I got shot." Aparicio - the man police said fired shots at Garcia - was found dead Oct.. 21, behind a business off of Alameda in the lower valley. Authorities said he had committed suicide. Authorities said he is also responsible for murdering Cecilia Diaz in a home in east El Paso. Garcia is still recovering from injuries. There's no word on when he will return back to work.

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