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    Cops fight firefighters when annual football charity match turns violent
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    NEW YORK — Blood was spilled this weekend during the postgame handshake at a football charity game between the NYPD and FDNY. Proceeds from the game went to charities both services support, but as viral video posted to the web shows, they weren’t exactly charitable with each other. The New York Daily News reports the fracas began when players confronted each other during the postgame handshake. One firefighter was seen bleeding after the fight broke out, while another was reportedly decked as well. Both sides later made up and shook hands during a second postgame handshake.

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  • Angry Birds Movie Review: Is this movie Anti-Islam?
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    So I just saw the Angry Birds movie and holy shit it was nothing like I thought it would be. When I first saw the trailer during Zootopia's previews, I thought I could predict the entire movie before seeing it. You know, take a guess: this green pig is the bad guy and throughout the movie the main character learns that not all pigs are bad, and after defeating the villian, in the end they all learn to live together. Right? Nope. While Zootopia's message was basically, racism is bad & you should love everyone and *ahem* try everything, Angry Bird's message is the exact opposite, and I found that fucking hilarious.

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    58 years old man killed during motocross race
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    Wilfredo Moncada 56, better known as "El Abuelo" was hit multiple times by motocross competitors as he attempted to cross the track at the Dunlop Cup National Motocross Championship in Honduras resulting in his death.

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    Need proof the IRS targets conservatives? Listen to this IRS employee threaten political groups live on the air!
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    A Monday C-SPAN broadcast about Internal Revenue Service employees targeting conservative non-profits seeking tax-free status provided some interesting insight into the department’s inner workings. Cleta Mitchell, an attorney representing political groups targeted by the IRS, was participating in the live broadcast when a self-professed “lowly IRS clerk” named Bill called in and validated her argument that conservative non-profits are treated unfairly.

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    Anti-Trump thugs jump from police car to police car in New Mexico
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    From last night's Donald Trump event in New Mexico. Anti-Trump fascists threw Molotov cocktails, shouted obscenities, assaulted police and now this, a video of a bottom feeder damaging police cars.

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    Sheriff David Clarke says "Obama the only Pres. to tell drug dealers and rapists their part of a racist Criminal Justice system"
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    Sheriff David Clarke: Obama Is the Only President to Tell Drug Dealers, Rapists, Killers 'They Are the Product of a Racist Criminal Justice System' -- Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke told an audience at the National Rifle Association-Institute for Legislative Action's (NRA-ILA) Leadership Forum in Louisville, Ky., on Friday that President Barack Obama is the first president in history to visit a prison and tell rapists, drug dealers, and murderers "that they are the product of a racist criminal justice system."

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    EXCLUSIVE-What does white guilt on crystal meth sound like? Listen to these Libtards talk.
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    After a young cuck says "I've thought about this a lot, why people are so defensive, and why this, like, concept is so fragile. I feel like it comes from a place of, like, people don't want to accept that it's real, or that there are these problems that we have because that would also mean accepting the fact that they benefit from them?" another person exclaims "I think part of it has to do also with being white, you don't want to be part of the problem, even as active as you may be, like, it's that you just have to admit that you're part of the problem, because there's stuff that you are taught through society and your parents without even being like 'outright racist'.

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    Milo Yiannopoulos assaulted and threatened by BLM 'protesters' at DePaul University
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    A group of very aggressive Black Lives Matter activists stormed the stage at DePaul University and would not let the discussion continue. One activist, who seemed like the mob leader, loudly blew a whistle so the speakers could not be heard. At one point, the black female on the stage gets in Milo’s face and seems to punch him as she shrieks. To add insult to the outrage, security, which the conservative group was forced to pay thousands of dollars for, never lifted a finger to expel the filthy bunch of brown shirts. The escalation of this sort of aggressive fascism on college campuses has reached a breaking point, with those who don’t think a certain way are in danger, and spineless enablers like DePaul University do nothing about. What do you think should be done?

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  • Anti-Trump protests turn violent in New Mexico
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    Protests outside a Donald Trump rally in New Mexico turn violent on Tuesday night as demonstrators throw burning T-shirts, plastic bottles and other items at officers, and knock down barricades.

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  • What does he have planned? Valerie Jarrett says "Obama Is Not Going Anywhere After His Presidency"
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     Valerie Jarret told CBS’s Norah O’Donnell Barack Obama is staying in Washington after he leaves the White House in January, the soon-to-be-former president will emulate his predecessors in keeping a lower profile in terms of weighing in on issues of presidential importance.

    In a clip from a forthcoming “60 Minutes” story aired Friday on “CBS This Morning,” senior adviser Valerie Jarrett was asked by Norah O’Donnell what it would be like to have the former president and his successor living in the same city.

    “President Obama will be the former president. And he’ll be a citizen just like everybody else. And he’ll behave accordingly. Of that, I’m sure,” Jarrett said.

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    College kids actually pledge to support Hamas, knowing they plan to attack Israel
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    Hidden camera catches terror empathy on campus when college kids actually pledge to support the terrorist group Hamas against Israel.

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    "B*tch", "Murderer," "F*cking Asshole" ; Baltimore Cop found Not guilty and his family attacked by Black Lives Matter supporters outside of the courthouse
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    Yesterday the cop who was found not guilty of any charges in the Freddy Gray case was found not guilty of any crime, this is what he and his family walked out of the court house to.

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    Kelly Osbourne Tweets Ozzy's mistresses phone number for the world to see
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    Kelly Osbourne isn't a fan of her father's alleged mistress.

    On Monday night, the 31-year-old reality star took to Twitter to attack the celebrity hairstylist whose affair is rumored to have led to Ozzy and Sharon's split after 33 years of marriage.

    "Anyone looking for cheap chunky LOW-light and blow out and a b---j-- call ..." Kelly wrote before listing a phone number that has since been disconnected.

    Later, the former Fashion Police host slammed back at critics who suggested she turn her rage towards her father, ask "Are you my family? NO YOU ARE NOT YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SHE DID! So keep ur high-mighty opinions to yourself!"

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    Incredible drone footage shows 70 tiger sharks tear apart a dead whale off Australian coast
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    Incredible drone footage has emerged of over 70 huge tiger sharks tearing apart a dead humpback whale in the crystal clear waters of Shark Bay, on the Western Australia coastline. Two boatloads of tourists were lucky enough to witness the feeding frenzy first-hand, watching on from above as the school of hungry sharks ruthlessly ate away at the enormous frame of the whale. The aerial vision was captured by Eco Abrolhos, an island tour company that stumbled upon the attack just four days into a 14-day cruise to the Kimberley, travelling from Geraldton to Broome.

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    Representative Wants Weight, Age Restrictions for Strippers
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    When a Louisiana state legislator proposes age and weight limits for strippers, female representatives offer passionate responses about how their colleagues treat women.

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    Black Lives Matter steps way over the line in the police hate video
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    A rapper you’ve never heard of is trying to gain some visibility by promoting murder against white police officers. David Banner’s video for the song “Black Fist” shows the graphic torture and killing of a white cop in the name of social justice. Don’t worry though, it’s not racist at all because “Black Lives Matter.”

    The video starts out with a “racist” white police officer laughing at news reports about cops killing young black men. Presumably, this officer is the killer cop and he has been acquitted of snuffing out a black life. There is a knock on the door and when the officer answers it, he is brutally beaten and kidnapped by black assailants.

    The white cop is then bound to a chair where he is put on trail by some angry radical black people. The verdict: the cop is guilty. He is ordered to be executed. Fighting his black captors, the white officer is hung by a noose.

    Possibly in hell, the white cop is forced to confront several black men who have been lynched.

    Banner raps about how sick he is of “crackers” and how he will use an Uzi to take care of them.

    David Banner then enters the room and beats the shit out of the cop. The hung black people are cut down and they too attack the officer. After the severe beating, the officer is dragged away to another room.

    A guest rapper named Tito Lo then reiterates the position that “crackers” must be killed. And he says they will do it to honor MLK, Malcom X, and Nelson Mandela.

    Now the cop is briefly shown to be a KKK member in full hood and robe. David Banner has a tray full of torture tools, but he decided to go with a knife. The rapper stabs the white police officer several times. After already having been murdered 3 times, the cop is then drowned in a tub to kill him for the fourth time.

    Now get this: before the video rolls there is this disclaimer:

    The intention of this visual is not to promote violence, but to show that we as a people will no longer accept the loss of innocent black lives. The purpose of this message is not to target anyone, but instead, to value everyone. This video is a statement and a reminder that black lives won’t be ‘taken’ lightly.

    This video is black people cop-killing fantasy porn in which blacks beat, torture and kill a white police officer. It most certainly does promote violence and it directs that violence against white cops. In addition, the song lyrics promote the killing of all white people, using racial slurs to convey that point. Simply putting a disclaimer at the beginning doesn’t absolve David Banner from his hateful violent racist message.

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    In Norway whites are systematically targeted by Muslim migrants
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    Muslim migrants in Norway have completely taken over the nations streets, whites have become targets as the police force finds it harder and harder to fight back against the scourge of violent Muslims in the country.

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    Rapper finds out the secret service doesn't play around when it comes to threats on Donald Trumps life
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    After this video was released threatening Donald Trump if Trump took away his mom's food stamps, this rapper (the main one talking) found himself being visited by the secret service. He has since posted several other videos threatening Trump as well as Trumps family. The rapper is currently in hiding as the secret service is once again looking for him.

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    People Tries to Attack Sikh Truck Driver But the Unexpected Happens
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    A Sikh truck driver was stopped by a mob after a vehicle collided with his truck. The truck driver repeatedly says he didn’t slam into the vehicle but instead the vehicle slammed into his truck.The mob approached the Sikh and tried pull him out of the truck. 3 individuals can be seen assaulting the Sikh man. A dramatic turn of events occur after the Sikh defends himself by pulling out a Kirpan. The mob disperses quickly and the truck driver went on his way. The incident teaches a lesson to be alert and active in defending oneself as the mob could have dragged the Sikh driver out and beaten him but the quick thinking of the truck driver caused him to save his life.

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    NYPD Officer surrounded by unruly citizens under investigation after pointing his gun at them
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    A New York City police officer is under investigation after cellphone video showed him pointing his gun at a crowd while making an arrest. The officer was later filmed punching another man and arresting him.

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