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  • Stoned Dude Accidentally Destroys Glass Counter During Commercial Stress Test 01:53

    Stoned Dude Accidentally Destroys Glass Counter During Commercial Stress Test

    This really doesn't help with the stoner stereotype.

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  • Dashcam Shows Wanted Woman Get Run Over After Firing At Police 01:26

    Dashcam Shows Wanted Woman Get Run Over After Firing At Police

    The Tulsa Police Department released dashcam footage Thursday of the pursuit of most wanted suspect Madison Dickson. Police spent days looking for her, saying she'd been involved in several shootings, including shooting a man in the head. The video shows a woman who was determined not to be taken into custody, even when she was surrounded and there was no hope of escape. Police said her family had even warned them she would not be taken alive. Police said Dickson immediately took off running when the short pursuit came to an end on March 18 near 89th and South Harvard. The video shows she turned not once but three times and pointed a gun at the officers. They fired shots but did not hit her, so the officer closest to her in his patrol car, ran into her to stop the threat. Dickson later died. Police said Dickson had shot a man in the head just two days before, after she asked him for a ride, then pulled a gun on him and tried to steal his car. Police said he's recovering. Before that, they say she'd fired shots at a Walgreens and a Best Buy plus pointed a gun at movie theater employees. Police said they believe Dickson got connected to the Irish Mob gang and started a crime spree. Her family and friends said this was not the girl they grew up with. They said she got hooked on drugs, tried to get clean but that failed and things went downhill for her. Three police officers remain on routine leave until the criminal and internal investigations are complete. The district attorney will determine whether the use of force was justified.

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  • Video Released by a NYC Pro-Palestinian College Group Praises a Female Suicide Bomber Who Killed 33 Israelis, Including 13 Children 02:47

    Video Released by a NYC Pro-Palestinian College Group Praises a Female Suicide Bomber Who Killed 33 Israelis, Including 13 Children

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    An anti-Israel student group took to social media earlier this month to honor “Palestinian martyrs” killed while carrying out terrorist attacks against Israelis.

    In a Facebook post on March 12, the New York City chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (NYC SJP) shared an Arabic-language video commemorating “the work done by Palestinian female fighters.” The video was originally uploaded to social media by Pulsetine, a non-profit organization that claims to “tell the story of Palestine.”

    One of the “martyrs” highlighted in the video is Fatah female suicide terrorist Dalal Mughrabi, who took part in the 1978 Coastal Road Massacre. Mughrabi was among a group of terrorists who hijacked a bus and opened fire on passing traffic. After Israeli forces stopped the bus and entered into a gun battle with the perpetrators, Mughrabi blew up the bus with a grenade, killing 38 Israelis, including 13 children.

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  • ILLEGAL Immigrant Deported 4x Busted for Sexually Assaulting a Child, 2 Stabbings in NY 00:58

    ILLEGAL Immigrant Deported 4x Busted for Sexually Assaulting a Child, 2 Stabbings in NY

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    As Twitchy has reported, there really seems to be no shortage of stories about “Trump’s henchmen” hauling off not-so-young DREAMers (who “represent the best of America,” according to Rep. Nancy Pelosi) and lying in wait at a courthouse to detain a woman on her way to file a domestic abuse report. -- Chelsea Clinton: "I need a thesaurus. What's another word for horrifying? Sick? Awful? Running out of adjectives these days that mean unconscionably terrible." -- That second story went national, to the point where Chelsea Clinton was struggling to find the words to describe her horror and outrage … at the woman’s detention, of course, not the fact that she was a convicted criminal who’d been deported six times before.

    According to a report by NPR, stories like these have had repercussions beyond simply triggering Chelsea Clinton. Denver City Attorney Kristin Bronson told NPR that a video of ICE officers waiting to make an arrest at a Denver courthouse has prompted at least four women to drop pending cases for fear they’ll be deported. In a public radio interview, a criminal defense and immigration attorney admitted that ICE made arrests at courthouses during the Obama administration also, but “she expects more arrests and more fear” since the 2016 election. As Twitchy also has reported, there seems to be a tremendous shortage of mainstream media coverage of the vast majority of ICE’s operations, and it’s been left up to ICE to promote its own work through social media posts and blog entries on its website.

    For example, here’s someone else who had been deported — four times. That didn’t dissuade Tommy Vladim Alvarado-Ventura, 31, from allegedly punching and kicking a woman in a parking lot after an argument over a marijuana purchase, and then stabbing her multiple times, collapsing her lung. According to Fox 5 New York, police say he later stabbed his girlfriend multiple times after she confronted him about severe injuries to her 2-year-old daughter, who had been sexually assaulted. -- James Woods: "MS-13 gang member deported 4 times stabbed 2 women, abused child, cops say /// When will it ever stop?" -- An extreme case? Perhaps; but it’s far from the only one we’ve seen posted by a local news outlet that’s quickly vanished into the social media ether.

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  • Girl Trying To Grind Gets Party Humped By Creep 00:23

    Girl Trying To Grind Gets Party Humped By Creep

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    This dude was for sure pulling the old sneak and freak!

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  • This Is What It Looks like after an Illegal Mosque Was Shut down for Sponsoring Terrorists, Streets Are Now Inundated with Their Supporters! 02:20

    This Is What It Looks like after an Illegal Mosque Was Shut down for Sponsoring Terrorists, Streets Are Now Inundated with Their Supporters!

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    In a Muslim stronghold a terrorist sponsoring mosque was shut down by French police so in response the Muslims simply took to the streets and continued their daily prayer by blocking roadways, limiting access to stores, and shutting down entire blocks.

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  • Horrific footage of victims under abandoned terrorist's car 00:37

    Horrific footage of victims under abandoned terrorist's car

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    This is the horrific immediate aftermath of the terrorist attack showing the smoking remains of the abandoned car - with injured victims sprawled across the pavement. The video was taken seconds after the extremist - named as Khalid Masood - smashed his car into the gates of Parliament. The video appears to show at least two people under the front of the car, and another further along the pavement. A 35-year-old, from Watford who filmed the clip, said: "I was there by Westminster with my sister and nephew. "We were planning on going to see London Bridge and take photos there.

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  • BUSTED! DOJ Found Malware on Trump Tower Servers to Fake Ties to Russia in an Attempt to Make it Appear as if they had Ties 07:51

    BUSTED! DOJ Found Malware on Trump Tower Servers to Fake Ties to Russia in an Attempt to Make it Appear as if they had Ties

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    Washington Free Beacon senior writer Adam Kredo on Tuesday discussed the Department of Justice finding malware on servers for Trump Tower mimicking supposed Russian ties.

    Kredo was talking with One America News Network's Liz Wheeler about the FBI investigating the Trump campaign for collusion with Russian ties.

    Kredo first said that the investigation should go on, before discussing a rarely mentioned point.

    "It wasn't very well reported, the Department of Justice revealed just last week that in fact some of these ties that they had witnessed between Trump Tower servers and Russian entities in fact, were stooged," Kredo said.

    Kredo went on to explain that malware may have been installed on these servers to mimick contacts with Russian entities in an effort to portray that the Trump campaign had the Russian contacts.

    On Monday, FBI Director James Comey and National Security Agency Director Admiral Michael Rogers testified before the House Intelligence Committee, where the two were unable to answer many questions on the matter of Trump Tower being monitored during the Obama administration.

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  • Police raid a flat linked to Westminster attack 00:37

    Police raid a flat linked to Westminster attack

    The man believed to be responsible for yesterday’s terror atrocity in Westminster has been named as Khalid Masood. A statement from the Met Police said the 52-year-old was born in Kent but had most recently been living in Birmingham. Police raided a flat on the Hagley Road in Birmingham city centre and another on Quayside in Winson Green where it is understood he had lived. Masood is believed to have worked as an English teacher and to also have been a bodybuilder, according to reports.

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  • Turkey's President Just Flat out Threatened Europe 00:46

    Turkey's President Just Flat out Threatened Europe "No European, No Westerner Will Walk Safely on Streets"

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    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan continued a row between European governments and Turkey, saying Europeans will not be able to safely walk on the streets if they persist in their attitude against Turkey.

    Speaking during a meeting of the Anatolian Publishers Association in Ankara on Wednesday, Erdoğan said, “Turkey is not a country you can push around, not a country whose citizens you can drag on the ground.”

    He was referring to Dutch police who forcefully dispersed Turkish demonstrators in Rotterdam on March 11 following the expulsion from the country of Turkish Minister of Family and Social Policy Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya after she was prevented from holding a campaign rally at the Turkish Consulate General residence in Rotterdam.

    “If Europe continues this way, no European in any part of the world can safely walk on the streets. Europe will be damaged by this. We, as Turkey, call on Europe to respect human rights and democracy,” he said.

    Turkey’s relations with various European countries have recently become strained due to the cancellation of rallies planned to be attended by Turkish ministers in order to seek the support of Turkish expatriates for a referendum in Turkey on April 16 that will expand Erdoğan’s powers and change Turkey into an executive presidency.

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  • Shocking road rage incident is captured on camera of two men violently fighting 01:53

    Shocking road rage incident is captured on camera of two men violently fighting

    Firey tempers and swinging fists were today captured on camera following a road rage incident in a Broadbeach Street on the Gold Coast. Two men got out of their vehicles and began to physically assault each other - after what witnesses describe was a minor traffic collision. Today 9News reported the shock of drivers who could only watch on in disbelief.A woman who tried to step in and break up the two fiery drivers was pushed away twice and risked being injured herself. As swinging limbs and fists went flying the two men were relentless in their efforts to take one another to the ground. The middle-aged men tumbled dangerously close to the median strip but got up continuing to have a go at one another. Traffic begins to slow around them as drivers and nearby cafe-goers watch on in shock. Witness Indiya Adam told 9News: 'Blocking the whole road because this car and had stopped and got out and was attacking him [sic]'. 'Looks like he's gone up the bum of the front car and got out all angry and then all of a sudden he's punching him and he's in the bush,'she said. Terrified drivers watched from their cars as the witness called the incident 'horrible'. The altercation only ended when other drivers pulled over and dragged the men apart. Other witnesses quickly made contact with officers but both drivers managed to flee the scene, however one was located shortly after in a nearby street and was taken to Broadbeach police station. Police spoke to a 49-year-old and a 59-year-old, both of the men involved in the brawl and neither have decided to make formal charges. They have been given infringement notices for public nuisance and risk being fined.

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  • JUSTICE! Florida Judge Tells to Illegal Immigrants Who Got a Life Sentence 01:41

    JUSTICE! Florida Judge Tells to Illegal Immigrants Who Got a Life Sentence "You'll Die in Jail, Be Sent Back to Mexico for Burial"

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    Florida judges and messing around when it comes to illegal immigrants who committed heinous crimes in the United States. He tells these 2 who just received a life sentence that they'll be deported back to Mexico after they die!

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  • MSNBC's Biggest Fear After an ISIS  Terror Attack in London, Will 'Put Wind in the Sails' of 'Right-Wing Movement' 00:46

    MSNBC's Biggest Fear After an ISIS Terror Attack in London, Will 'Put Wind in the Sails' of 'Right-Wing Movement'

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    During MSNBC’s live breaking news coverage of the suspected terrorist attacks in London on Wednesday, NBC News reporter Matt Bradley reported via phone from the British capital and was more worried about the violence helping conservative politicians than he was about the victims: “We've seen this rise of a kind of a right-wing movement here and throughout Europe. And this is only going to put wind in the sails of those who would say that this is an issue that needs to be looked at, that needs to be examined in terms of refugees.” Desperately trying to downplay any possible connection to Islamic terrorism, Bradley touted: “But it should be noted, that MI-5, which is the domestic intelligence agency and police agency for the UK, they've come out and said that there is no terror link so far.” Anchor Ali Velshi replied: “Yeah, good point. They’re saying that it's too early to say, certainly, that it isn't, they’re still trying to get it locked down.”

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  • Horrifying moment car carrying seven people crashes into garden 00:34

    Horrifying moment car carrying seven people crashes into garden

    This is the terrifying moment a car carrying seven people crashes through a fence into a front garden, sending wheelie bins and vehicles flying. The driver of a red Volkswagen Golf was caught on CCTV speeding along Broddiok Drive, Bolton, when he lost control and smashed through a homeowner's front garden, causing £25,000 worth of damage. All seven men immediately fled the scene before police could arrive but the driver was later traced as Kieran Farnworth, 22, who was given a suspended prison sentence in court this week.Farnworth, of Bolton, claimed he couldn't remember anything about what happened but admitted to the offence of dangerous driving. The court heard how despite the dramatic impact, remarkably no one was seriously injured. But an estimated £25,000 worth of damage was caused to the neighbour's garden and front driveaway as well as to the vehicles parked stationary. Greater Manchester Police said the car was driving in excess of the 20mph speed limit in the area. Farnworth told the court he went to hospital with a head injury after the collision and has no recollection of what happened, but admitted the offence. He was given a 10 week curfew and 12 weeks prison sentence, suspended for 12 months at Bolton Magistrates Court on Tuesday, March 21. Farnworth has also been disqualified from driving for 15 months and will have to take an extended test if he wants to drive again. PC John Jacques said: 'The footage clearly shows that this was a shocking collision. On attending the scene I was very surprised to find that no one was seriously injured. 'It is frightening to think that certain individuals are willing to drive in this manner at any time, let alone on a residential street, where according to witnesses at the scene, children were playing out moments before at the point where the vehicle left the carriageway.'

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  • Disturbing footage of assassination of Denis Voronenkov 00:26

    Disturbing footage of assassination of Denis Voronenkov

    A Russian MP who fled Moscow fearing for his life at the hands of President Putin's secret service was assassinated today in the Ukrainian capital Kiev. Denis Voronenkov, who had testified against the pro-Russian former Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, was shot dead in broad daylight by an assassin with a 9mm handgun. His bodyguard was injured but fired back, fatally wounding the gunman, who died a few hours later. The 45-year-old fled Moscow in October with his wife Maria Maksakova, an opera singer, saying they were fed up of the 'schizophrenic' Russian government. Maksakova, who had a son with Voronenkov last year, rushed to the scene of the shooting outside a luxury hotel today and broke down in tears. Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko said it was an 'act of state terrorism' by Russia and added: 'It clearly shows the handwriting of Russian special services shown repeatedly in various European capitals in the past.' But Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: 'We believe that all the falsehoods that can already be heard about much-hyped Russian involvement are absurd.' The bodyguard remains in hospital and the assassin has not yet been identified. Nikolai Kovalyov, a former Russian security chief who is now an MP, told Russian state television the killing could have been rooted in a business dispute. Ukrainian Prosecutor-General Yuriy Lutsenko blamed the Kremlin for Voronenkov's killing, saying Russia wanted to punish him for his testimony to Ukrainian investigators. He said it was a 'cynical murder' of a man who had provided investigators with important testimony about Russian aggression and added: 'This was a typical show execution of a witness by the Kremlin.' The killing came a few hours after Russian or separatist saboteurs blew up a warehouse storing tank ammunition at a military base in the east of the country. In Voronenkov's last interview, with Radio Free Europe last month, he said he opposed 'Russia's war' against Ukraine but said it would only end when Putin left the scene. He also threatened to testify about the involvement of former President Yanukovych - an ally of Putin - in the separatist uprising in eastern Ukraine and said: 'I will talk about criminal deeds of the former president, which led to the ongoing bloodshed in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.' At the end of the interview with Kiev-based journalist Christopher Miller Voronenkov and his wife laughed as they showed him social media messages calling them 'traitors'. Miller wrote: 'Maksakova...says of all the attention they have gotten in the past 48 hours: "God, it's so funny!"' Kiev-based journalist Christopher Miller tweeted: 'As Ukraine's president and prosecutor general jump to cast Voronenkov murder as Kremlin plot, Kiev police tell me still too early to call.' He added: 'Yes, Voronenkov was viewed in Moscow as traitor - no worse crime. But had enemies in Ukraine unhappy he was welcomed here, given citizenship.' Voronenkov was wanted in Moscow on fraud charges and Russian media had reported in recent months that he owned five expensive Russian apartments and a fleet of luxury cars. His name also surfaced in the Panama Papers leak as a shareholder of a company based in the British Virgin Islands. He said he feared Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB), which took over from the KGB in the 1990s. Last month, in an interview with Radio Free Europe, Voronenkov compared Putin's Russia with Nazi Germany and said the annexation of the Crimea in 2014 was 'illegal' and a 'mistake'. In that interview he said he was not interested in Ukrainian politics and only wanted to raise the couple's son, whose first birthday will be next month. Russia and the Ukraine have been virtually at war with each other since President Yanukovych was ousted by Ukrainian nationalist demonstrators in February 2014. Ethnic Russian separatists have set up a rebel republic in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine and Russia annexed the Crimea, which is dominated by ethnic Russians, in the summer of 2014. Yesterday the Ukraine forbid Russia's entry to the Eurovision Song Contest, Yulia Samoylova, from taking part in the competition in May because she had toured in the 'occupied' Crimea.

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  • Investigation Finds Immigrants Obama Refused to Deport for Minor Crimes Later Committed More Heinous Crimes 05:33

    Investigation Finds Immigrants Obama Refused to Deport for Minor Crimes Later Committed More Heinous Crimes

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    An investigation shows that illegal immigrants who are arrested for minor crimes and released due to policies by sanctuary cities and Obama are later arrested for even more heinous crimes including murder, robbery, and other federal crimes that the liberal media simply refuses to acknowledge.

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  • Group of teenagers laugh and joke as woman, 50, desperately pleads for help 00:50

    Group of teenagers laugh and joke as woman, 50, desperately pleads for help

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    A shocking video shows school students in Russia laughing as a screaming woman desperately clings on for her life from a third floor window. The footage shows the woman, 50, desperately pleading for help as she dangles from her fingertips on the side of a tall building in Tatarstan. But the teenagers do not call for help, instead using a mobile phone to film the person. On the footage a boy is heard asking 'isn't it funny?', sparking a media and online backlash. The students are laughing so hard that the mobile used to film the incident can be seen constantly shaking. Eventually the frightened woman fell to the ground, and is now seriously injured in hospital. The video was later uploaded to YouTube. Pro-Kremlin newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda blasted the reaction of the witnesses to the 'tragedy' in Zainsk town. 'She was filmed and laughed at,' said the report. 'The woman was hanging from the balcony of the third floor and screaming for help - but nobody rushed to aid her, neither witnesses, nor the neighbour from the lower flat. 'There were several witnesses. 'Their behaviour was surprising and negative.' Doctors at the hospital, where she was treated, said she had 'numerous injuries, mainly broken bones, and is facing several surgeries'. It was not clear why the woman was hanging from the balcony. The footage has prompted a backlash from angry commenters online. 'Idiots! One day they will need help too. And they will remember what they were doing when someone else needed their assistance,' wrote one person. A reader said: 'They could have found some blanket and held it so she could jump down. Don't they have safety lessons at school?' Another wrote: 'This is the generation of gadgets and smartphones, but just look at them. If you can't do anything, just call an ambulance.' One commenter said: 'This brings horrible feelings. I am sick from human heartlessness. Are they people?' Another said: 'This behaviour from our youth. Where do we get such people?' 'It is sad and scary to living in such a society.' Another demanded: 'They could have stood on each others shoulders and saved the woman.'

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  • 'F*ck CNN, Fake News, They Did my boy Trump Dirty 00:25

    'F*ck CNN, Fake News, They Did my boy Trump Dirty" says a Car full of teens outside the Rockville high school where 14-year-old was raped

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    Even high school students are beginning to wake up to the fact that CNN and other liberal networks are nothing more than fake news. Watch as a car full of teens outside of a Rockville, MD high school scream CNN is fake news, and how they did their boy Trump wrong. That school is currently facing a massive backlash after a 14-year-old student was raped by 2 illegal immigrants and the counties school board is absolutely refusing to cooperate with the Republican governor in releasing information about the illegal immigrant students.

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  • Muslim Doctor in California Won't Lose His License after Being Caught Repeatedly Groping Female Patients Because of His Ethnicity 04:56

    Muslim Doctor in California Won't Lose His License after Being Caught Repeatedly Groping Female Patients Because of His Ethnicity

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    For the past eight years leftist Democrats have refused to link Islam with terrorism and proved quick to blame mental and emotional issues, as in the Omar Mateen case. In similar style, medical authorities disregard Islam as a possible motivator in cases of sexual misconduct by male physicians. Consider the case of Dr. Syed K. Zaidi, 41, of Granite Bay, California, a wealthy community near the state capital of Sacramento.

    Syed Zaidi is a 1999 graduate of Dow Medical College in Karachi, Pakistan, where he first served as primary care physician. In 2003 he entered a two-year residency in internal medicine at Columbia University, followed by one year in geriatrics at New Jersey Shore University Medical Center. Zaidi gained a one-year fellowship at Ohio State then in 2008 moved to northern California where he practiced with the UC Davis Medical Group.

    There Dr. Zaidi was the subject of many complaints and he also drew bad reviews on internet forums. “Avoid at all costs,” one patient commented. “He doesn’t care about patients, because he doesn’t care about the patients’ families.” Dr. Zaidi does not talk to reporters, and his neighbors are reluctant to speak publicly about him.

    In September of 2011 Dr. Syed Zaidi was arrested for inflicting corporal injury on a spouse. His wife, Dr. Fatima Jafri, told police that in 2007 Syed broke three of her ribs and refused to let her get care unless she promised not to attribute the injury to him.

    Dr. Jafri, also a Dow alum, provided evidence of repeated spousal abuse over period of years. Dr. Jafri declined to testify against Dr. Zaidi and the charges were dismissed.

    His misconduct involved three women, but it was not three strikes and out for the Pakistani immigrant.

    The California Medical Board did not lift his license and settled instead for five years probation. Some locals thought the board might have feared a lawsuit. Dr. Zaidi had claimed a female supervisor told him, “If you don’t like it, go back to where you came from.” So he had been mistreated, as one story had it, because of his “ethnicity.”

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  • Cop Owns Annoying Woman With Snarky Remark 02:46

    Cop Owns Annoying Woman With Snarky Remark

    These guys were "busted" trespassing and the woman kept going on and on...