Black Lives Matter tried to hold an event on racism, event gets shut down because of them being racist

Posted by RagnarLothbrok 3 years ago in FAIL!
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Karma came quickly when the Black Lives Matter group attempted to kick out all of the white people from a library they were attempting to use to discuss racism at North Branch Library in Nashville.

When the people who worked there (whites) were asked to leave as well the head librarian was brought in and let them know that discrimination is not allowed and that just because they were holding an event there, they were not allowed to exclude others simply because they were white. So as usual the Black Lives Matter movement blasted the library on Twitter as racist while ignoring the fact they were booted from the library for being racist.

Above you can see the flyer for the new location which also states that only people of color are allowed to attend the event. So yet again we see that Black Lives Matter is attempting to fight racism by being racist.

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