A Gaggle of Libtards' Transgender Bathroom Lesson is EPICALLY Cringeworthy

Posted by moku 3 years ago in FAIL!
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College students and faculty act out scenes from a trans person's oppression, and get a chance to interrupt this by inserting themselves into the scene in order to solve the whatever evil doing is happening.

In this scene, the male pretending to be a female is in the women's restroom, and actual woman is uncomfortable with this, so Miss Green Hair steps in and tells the actual woman to go find another restroom.

"There are other restrooms, and if you're not comfortable here, then you can go to the other restroom" says this green haired, 3rd wave RadFem (the same one who was trying to block the camera at another event a few weeks ago), as part of an event called "Theater Of The Oppressed" with today's theme being "Cis-stemic", where Portland Community

This is part of a greater overall endeavor at PCC called The Illumination Project.

You may also recognize the cucked out feminist in the beginning, Brad Fortier, of PCC's women’s resource center, as being the main figure in the "white guy smile" video from "whiteness history month".

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