Terrifying Moment Bike Sends Pedestrian Hurtling Through Air

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in Accidents
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A pedestrian was sent catapulting through the air during a brutal crash after running in front a motorcyclist. The man was smashed into by the biker after impatiently scuttling across his path on a busy road in the city of Krasnodar in Russia. A shocking video shows him helplessly somersaulting before landing in a crumpled heap on the floor. However, he is not the only victim of the crash with the motorcyclist thrown off his bike before skidding across the tarmac. The incident, which reports say took place close to a popular shopping centre in the area, shows the pedestrian ignoring a nearby crossing and recklessly running across the road without looking out for traffic. Unfortunately for both parties, the motorcyclist has no chance to avoid the pedestrian and smashes into him with his bike then skidding along the street. After the crash, which appears to be captured on the dashcam of a vehicle behind, the pedestrian is seen bleeding from a nasty gash on his head - while the biker remains dazed lying in the middle of the road. The pedestrian is heard crying: 'Oh my leg, my leg.' Another driver can be heard shouting: 'F***! Call an ambulance' after the horrific crash, before driving up to the injured biker. He says to him: 'How are you feeling? We are going to call an ambulance' to which the injured biker replies: 'My left leg is injured'. The video ends with bystanders calling for paramedics. Both men were taken to hospital, but there was no further information about their condition. Police are investigating and declined to comment on the matter.

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